Train bedding sets let them play the conductor

Train bedding sets are some of the cutest most colorful, adorable types of bed sets you can get. Your little guy can play the conductor in his bedroom anytime he feels like it. While there are lots of no-name companies that produce cheaper, inferior bed sets for kids, if it’s quality and durability that you’re after maybe you should look into getting this bedding from Olive Kids. This full sized set includes two pillowcases, flat and fitted sheet with bright and colorful toy trains, planes, tractors, and firefighting vehicles on a crisp white background with blue checkered trim and red, sewn in border accent.

You’ll also get an extra snuggly comforter made with 100% cotton that features an extra light weight fill to be more comfortable for your children to use.  The sheets feature 100% 180 threadcount percale cotton, which you know is pretty exclusive when it comes to what is normally used for children’s bedding. This means your train bedding set will last through many washings beautifully.  The comforter measures 86 x 86 inches, the flat sheet measures 96 x 81 inches and the fitted sheet is 75 by 54 inches. You’ll be proud to own this beautiful, well made colorful train theme bedding made especially for children like yours.

Another set of childrens bedding that features trains is by Company Kids and is pretty neat. It’s got the old- fashioned style train cars in colors like red, blue and green with white train tracks all on a light blue background. It’s made with 200 thread count percale cotton fabric, which is pretty awesome and soft. Something that your kids will really love. These sheets should last for a good long while and keep their colors beautifully. I know that you’ll be very happy to have this train themed bedding in your child’s room and in your home too.

Toddler bed linens with ducks, ballerinas and fire trucks

It’s a snap to find the perfect toddler bed linens when shopping online these days. You can find all of the bright, inviting colors and textures that will be perfect for your little one, with themes from ducks, ballerinas or fire trucks, it’s all available.

Most toddler bedding is made with good quality, 100% cotton that has high thread counts. That means your bedding will be machine washable and long lasting too. Busy moms are sure to appreciate that! Bed linens for your toddler can be purchased separately, so if you only need a little quilt for your child, that’s no problem.

You’ll find one to match your decor with no problem. But if you need just about everything else too, or are making the transition from the crib to a toddler’s bed, then maybe a set of toddler bed linen would be better.

Normally that will come with.. A comforter….Flat sheet….Fitted sheet and Pillowcase

Some of the most well-known manufacturers of toddlers bedding, like Patchkraft, Lambs & Ivy and Winnie The Pooh, are represented online, along with many other very reputable companies.

So you’re sure to find just the right toddler bedding when shopping online, with all of the great finds delivered right to your door!

Teen bedspreads

Teen Bedspreads are really be useful for busy teenagers on the go. A nice bedspread will help them keep their rooms looking great with minimal effort, especially when they have friends over at the last second.

Some really good deals for teenager bedspreads can be found online these days. Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

The two basic designs for bedspreads are the tailored and throw.

Tailored teen bedspreads fit the dimensions of the bed close and tidy, while the throw design hangs more casually and relaxed.

Both come with drops of varying lengths so that the bedspread hangs correctly to just reach the floor cleanly. It will help to have the height of the top of your mattress to the floor measured before you order a bedspread for your teen. That number in inches will be your drop number. Teens bedspreads come with a variety of fills. Some of the most popular are polyester, cotton and down.

Most parents opt for the polyester filled bedspreads for teens, because they tend to be easy to care for, are lightweight and most of the time machine washable.

You’ll find a huge range of attractive and exclusive designs in quilting, embroidery, and patch-work with bed skirts (when purchased as part of a set). And teen bedspreads are available in virtually every imaginable color and in endless print themes.

Some of the most popular designs for teen bedspreads feature geometric patterns with squares or bold designs using striking colors. And if you check around, you’ll even find that a lot of the teen bedspreads are reversible, so that you get even more value for the money.

Just flip it over for a fresh new look! A word of caution here.. don’t just run out there and buy something for their bedrooms without getting some input from them, so that they’ll be happy with the choice that will hopefully reflect some of their own unique personality.

No matter what style or print you end up choosing for your teen’s bedspread, you’re sure to find just the perfect one online, where shopping is just really easy and convenient.

Kids and NASCAR bedding-a perfect combination

NASCAR bedding is the perfect way to put the final touches on your child’s bedroom. This is especially true if you are decorating your child’s bedroom with a sports theme, or just cars in general.

Most little boys will love the NASCAR theme, and you can find this fun, creative bedding available for twin size beds that usually include:

bed sheets, both flat and fitted, comforters, pillowcases and a bed skirt

NASCAR comforters are usually about fifty percent polyester and fifty percent cotton face and back, with a hundred percent polyester fill.

They come with a Dale Earnhardt theme as well as many others.. All this together with other race car touches added to your child’s room makes for the perfect bedroom where they can dream of racing their toy cars and coming in first place!

You can even add some of these optional accessories for their bedrooms:

wallpaper borders, valance, curtains, wind chimes, and how about racetracks with cars..?

NASCAR growth charts When shopping online, it’s easy to find rugged, colorful and tough NASCAR bedding with race cars zooming up and down the streets on their sheets!

Find the perfect baby boy bedding for your gorgeous little man

When parents decide to go about getting baby boy bedding, there can be some confusion about where to start. After all, we all want the best for our babies.

It’s important to make your baby boys bedding welcoming and comfortable, so feel free to use this little guide to help you know what’s available. =) You can purchase any of your boy’s bedding as separate items, like comforters or quilts, with themes any boy would love.

Some really popular themes for boy bedding are baseball, toy cars, trains and space rockets. You’ll find soft fabrics like cotton and fleece that will make him (and mom) smile with contentment.

Select from colors perfect for that baby boy, like soft blues, yellows or oranges. His sheets and pillowcases can have matching prints and styles suited for boys, with stars or stripes, or happy scenes with animals and nature, and endless other options.

When time is short, and you just want great value, then you can just opt for really cool bedding sets for boys that have everything you need all in one package!

There are normally either 4 or 6 pieces in a basic bedding set:

A fitted crib sheet….. Dust ruffle that’s still cool for boys. Quilt or comforter.

The 6 piece set will add:

A valance…Diaper stacker.

And you’ll be amazed at all of the matching, optional items that you can order for your little boy’s bedding sets: Hamper…Rocking chair to rock your baby in….Area rug…Music mobile to keep your boy happily entertained…Wall border…Wall decor like ABC’s for that special added touch….Shelves…Lamps with shades Wow!

You can really go to town with all this stuff that’ll make it really neat and comfy for mom and that baby boy. Normally you’ll find that all of the bedding sets for baby boys are made with 100% cotton and will be easy to machine wash, and will keep their bright and vibrant colors through many washings.

And these will of course also feature perfect themes for boys in colors that they love. Probably the best part is that all of these treasures can be delivered with a smile right to your front door! It’s just so fast and convenient to shop online for your boys baby bedding.

Sports bedding and dreams of sporting glory!

Do you have a child who can’t get enough of his or her favorite sports team? Well don’t fight it – get him some sports bedding, so the last thing he sees every night is his teams’ emblem!

For all the dads reading this (and a fair number of moms), you’ll recall how much you loved this or that sport more than all the rest.

And everyone had their favorite college and pro teams in every major sport – football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Remember your dreams of being the next sports legend?

Fortunately, just about every major pro team and college athletics department put out all kinds of sports products, including sports bedding. Unless your kid just happens to become enamored of the Amarillo Antelopes or some other obscure minor league farm club team, chances are you can fulfill his wish to sleep in bed sheets and pillows emblazoned with his favorite sports team.

I remember being a huge Oakland Raiders football fan as a kid (still am) and having my bedroom decked out in all manner of Raiders paraphernalia, including bedding. It was a big deal, especially the night before a game, to snuggle up close to that bed sheet with the silver and black sports emblem and say my prayers. Asking God to smite down whoever happened to be standing in the way of a perfect season was a worthy reason to pray in bed before trying to sleep, as every kid who happens to be a sports fanatic knows!

That’s why it mattered to have your sports teams’ actual colors and emblem physically touching your body as you slept the night before the big game. Or maybe that was just me.

When picking out bedding for your little sports lover, keep in mind the number of times in any given week during the season that you will be badgered to keep the sport sheets on the bed. You will want to invest in quality sports bedding material that will stand up to repeated washings without crumbling or fading.

Avoid sports emblems that are not woven into the material, as they quickly fall apart after just a few machine washings. Maybe you’ve looked around in your local retailers and haven’t had much luck in finding the right bed linens with sports themes.

Don’t give up hope and give it another try online, where some cool deals are waiting to be found!

A different kids comforter for their every taste!

Kids comforters come in just about every design, color or pattern you or your kids could dream of! Choosing the right comforter for kids might be difficult because there are so many cute, attractive comforters in so many themes and designs.

You may want to include you kids in picking their comforters if they are old enough to enjoy helping choose their own bedding design. If you’re choosing the comforters for the kids without their help, perhaps for a Christmas or birthday gift, begin by considering the age of the children and the things they love.

Younger children love animal themes and storybook themes. You can often find good values in kids bedding in a bed-in-a-bag which includes sheets and pillow cases along with the comforter, all in a coordinated design.

Or choose a kid comforter and then mix and match linens to your hearts content.

Does your little boy love fire trucks? Perhaps sailing ships is his dream. Does he love when you read to him or let him watch videos of super heroes like Superman or Spiderman? Has he shown a love of horses?

Just think about what your boy loves. You’ll find a comforter for kids that fits into that theme perfectly and will make him a happy young man.

Little girls often dream of being ballerinas; does yours? Or is Tinker Bell a part of her dream fairyland? Perhaps she loves the tale of Cinderella or Lady and the Tramp. Are butterflies something she fancies? What about Barbie as a comforter theme?

You’ll find a great many selections which will fit whatever your young lady loves and dreams of. For older kids, sports theme comforters are popular kids items. Whatever sport your child has come to love can be found in comforter designs. Basketball, soccer, football and many other sports are available as comforter designs.

NASCAR may be something your kids have come to enjoy and watch; you’ll find NASCAR comforters and can even choose their favorite NASCAR driver on comforters.

Maybe you don’t want to be tied to a design theme and want flexibility in their bedroom decor. Kids do change their minds all the time about what they want after all, then you could select a bright child comforter in a solid color that can be easily accented with different linens, throw pillows and accessories to bring any theme to the bedroom your kids love at the moment.

When you need toddler pillows, here’s some things to know

There comes a time when every baby makes it to the magic age of the toddler.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping for toddler pillows:

No child under 2 years of age should use a pillow of any type, not to sleep with or to put underneath them. Until after the age of 2, your toddler should not be left alone in a crib with pillows, stuffed animals or quilts.

This is puts your toddler in danger of choking or suffocating. Additionally, you should use tight-fitting sheets, and if you chose to use bumper pads, make sure they’re fastened securely around the entire crib, and trim off any excess length on ribbon or string ties.

After your child does reach that magical age that moves them from babyhood to a toddler, then and not until then are they ready for a pillow. Not just any pillow should be used for a toddler, and it’s important to get a pillow made just for kids to rest that delicate and growing head on.

Another reason to purchase a pillow for your toddler who is over 2 years of age is that many young children tend to get ear infections as a result of colds, and using a pillow to prop your toddler up at night will help ease the pain which does tend to worsen if they lay flat.

Pillows for toddlers are smaller than the average sized pillow and tend to be a bit firmer. You don’t want anything that can wrap around your toddler’s head. Toddler sized pillows may not be easily found in retail stores, but are readily available online at reasonable prices.

You may not really find many appropriate pillows for toddlers at local retailers, but you’ll be thrilled with your choices online.

Ideas to help your child graduate to toddler bedding

Sooner or later your precious little bundle of joy leaves the crib and moves up in the world to the toddler bed, and when it’s time for this to happen you find these few tips on toddler bedding to be very helpful.

It’s almost a given that toddlers are one of the messiest creatures in the world , and one little tip that could help save you time and energy is to buy a double set of toddlers bedding.

This will allow you to do the laundry when you can, even if your child has an accident, without the worry of clean bedding for your toddler to sleep in right away.

You may inevitably find that your toddler will resist the change in his bedding, especially if they have a favorite crib blanket that they are reluctant to give up.

This is no big worry- just tell the child that using new bedding will take them into the world of big kids. If it is just too traumatic for your toddler to give up that special blanket, let them take it into their new bed.

It won’t hurt anything, right? Introduce some of their favorite characters into their bedroom, this helps a great deal with adjusting to a new toddler bed. Buy a toddler bedding set that the child will enjoy, and possibly even redecorate the whole nursery to match.

If your child still has a problem adjusting to their new bed, it may be a good idea to contact a counselor to help you deal with it. At all times remember that this new move may be a little scary for your child, and be a little patient with them.

Lots of people have had some trouble finding really cute and complete sets of bedding for their toddlers in their local retail stores, but are really thrilled when they look at finding this colorful, happy bedding online, where the world is at their fingertips!

When it’s time for a kid pillow, you’ve reached a milestone!

When your child reaches the magic age of 2, then it may be time for a fun little kids pillow.

They are smaller, and made just with kids in mind. Typical size will be 12″ by 16,” and be a bit flatter than other pillows that are made for adults. You’ll find the pillow cases of various soft materials that kids love like:




Pillows for kids are made with polyester fill, and even memory foam.

These little pillows are perfect for kids to use when doing lots of different activities that your kids love, like taking naps, reading comic books, watching TV, riding in the car, slumber parties, or even going on family vacations.

The pillows for kids will also be available in many different themes that will fascinate and entertain your kids with, some of the most popular are:

space rockets


solid colors in every hue and even their favorite superheroes!