Washing and Staining a Cedar Fence

Washing and staining your cedar fence can add a modern look and style to your yard or garden. When using the tools to wash and stain your cedar fence, work with care to avoid damaging the cedar. Staining your cedar fence will help increase the longevity of the fence, by sealing the wood, and trapping the natural oils within the surface of the fence material.

Remove any large plants that are situated near the cedar fence. Pull out any tall weeds that are growing near the fence. This will help you in clearing the area for washing your cedar fence.

Keep handy your power washer. You will need to hook up the washer to a hose. Then press the power button. Stand about one and a half feet away from the fence and spray the water evenly in an up-and-down fashion. After some time, when that section of the fence has been fully washed, stop washing that section of the fence and move on to the next section. Allow the fence to dry completely, before moving on to the next step.

Next, apply a layer of paint roller using a color of your choice, and roll on a layer onto the entire fence. Allow the wood to soak in the layer of paint and let it dry. Then, apply another layer of stain by using the roller again.

Let the fence completely dry for 24 hours before lining up anything against it.

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The Best Type Of Cedar For Building Fences

There are many reasons for building a cedar fence, be it to mark off an area for privacy or to provide a boundary for your garden or lawn, Western Red Cedar is the best choice for the job. Western Red Cedar is highly acclaimed for its natural beauty and excellent properties that make it ideal for building cedar fences.

The cedar fence can be any shape or style and Western Red Cedar will provide formidable quality, gorgeous appearance and durability. It is resistant to decay and rot and insects. It is a stable wood that will not shrink or expand like some woods will, so you will have a strong and sturdy fence that provides a wonderful addition to your home.

When buying Western Red Cedar for building your fence, it is important to spend some time doing research for the different grades and textures that are available. There are many choices that are available and depending on how you want your fence to look, there are many different grades and textures.

There are textures to make it elegant and classy looking. There are also textures and styles to make it rustic looking. You also have beautiful pre cut patterns available that can add some nice detail to your fence.

Western Red Cedar is the most appropriate choice for building a fence. This beautiful wood has natural texture and is complemented by a uniform and fine-grained texture. Western Red Cedar is durable, and has one of the longest lifespan of any softwood

Its low density gives it an insulation value that is superior to most other softwoods.

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Tired of trimming below and around fences? Eco Friendly Weedseal Precut Fence and Border Guard is the perfect solution by creating an un-beatable, long lasting grass and weed barrier. No more damage to fences postsno more burnt grass edges from chemical usageno more trimming, period! Our perfect-fit system is precut to your post size and fence runs, so installation is a snap. Made from a specially formulated, fiber reinforced rubber material, unwanted weeds and grass are eliminated while creating a neat, decorative barrier. Eco Friendly Weedseal Precut Fence & Border Guard is ideal for fences of all types including vinyl, chain-link, wood, wrought iron  virtually any type of fence.

Cedar Lattice Enclosure

Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company Cedar Lattice Enclosure. If you want to create whimsy in your garden, beautify large dull areas or hide unsightly equipment, get this Cedar Lattice Enclosure. It’s naturally resistant to decay, insect and water damage. Unlike other woods, it will not shrink or warp, and there are no dangerous chemical preservatives used in pressure treated furniture. This Cedar Lattice Enclosure is made with durable western red cedar. You can trust the remarkable craftsmanship by Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company… they’ve been in business for over 30 years! Your Lattice Enclosure comes with 2 panels. Each is 4’5″h. x 2’7″w., 30 lbs. Rustic Natural Cedar Furniture Company Cedar Lattice Enclosure

Cedar Catalina Lattice Panel

Heavy Duty cedar ornamental lattice in a square pattern. This sku is for a 5 panel/pack. Also available in packs of 10 panels and 20 panels through CAPITOL CITY LUMBER. The price you pay per panel will decrease as the size of the pack increases due to motor freight to your door included in the price.

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