Six Best Down Comforters

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As we begin to shift into the colder fall and winter months, you may be considering purchasing a new comforter. When thinking about which bedding to buy, you’ll likely come across different down comforters. How can you sort through the dozens, if not hundreds, options available? Our review of the six best down comforters and buyer’s guide can help guide you in the right direction.

Comparison Table

How We Chose Our Ratings

Many of our customers have been clamoring for our review of the best down comforters, which motivated us to come up with this list. We began by testing dozens of down comforters. We checked the blankets for things such as fill power, comfort, and warmth. We also considered factors like the thread count of the quilt and who the manufacturer was.

But, we did not stop there. We then looked up various online customer reviews for the top comforters that we had on our list. We did this to ensure that the products we tested were reviewed favorably by those who had used the product night in and night out. We removed two comforters on our list because there were customer concerns about how quickly the down lost its fill capacity.

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After browsing through thousands of online reviews, we came up with the list of the six best down comforters that you’ll find below. We believe that you cannot go wrong choosing one of these options. However, we also want to hear from you. If you have tried a comforter on the list, or see that we did not include your favorite down comforter, please leave a comment below.

We trust our readers and value our community, which is why we invite your thoughts and feedback. Together, we can work to construct the list of the six best down comforters. We look forward to you choosing one of the options on our list and providing your thoughts after you have used the quilt for at least a few nights.

Top Six Best Down Comforters

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best down comforters available today. The quilts you see below factor in things such as cost and the manufacturer. We believe that by choosing one of these comforters, you’ll be satisfied with a product that not only keeps you warm but is incredibly comfortable as well.

Three Geese Luxury White Goose Down Feather Comforter

Luxury Queen Size White Goose Feather Down with Polyester Comforter...
  • QUEEN SIZE ALL SEASONS COMFORTER- 90"X90' inches.White Goose Down&Feather makes this duvet feel soft and fluffy - like a...
  • LUXURY BAFFLE BOX&GRAY PIPING - True baffle box means that inside, three dimensional fabric boxes create room for a...

This product is also affordable, with prices ranging from about $$ for a twin to a little less than $$ for a king.

Three Geese made this comforter with a blend of authentic goose down and an alternative filling. The bedding also comes with an anti-dust cotton cover. These two features work to cut down on the allergy risks for users. The quilt features a medium thickness, and it warm enough for customers to use throughout the year. Three Geese offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on this product.

Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Linenspa Comforter Duvet Insert Queen White Down Alternative All...
  • ALL SEASON COMFORT: With 300 gsm of plush down alternative fill, this is the best all season comforter for hot sleepers....
  • ULTIMATE VERSATILITY: Whether you’re looking for a microfiber reversible comforter or an insert for duvet cover,...
  • QUILTED DESIGN: Style that’s functional? Yes, please! The box-stitch construction keeps all that fluffy fill in place,...

Of those who reviewed the product, more than 70 percent gave it a five-star rating. The product earned an Amazon’s Choice label for those searching for “down comforters.” The price ranges from $$ to $$ depending on which size you buy. Sizes range from Twin to Oversized King.

The comforter is available in multiple colors, including white, stone/charcoal, sand/mocha, and cloudy sky. Linenspa designed the bedding so that it was safe for both the washing machine and the dryer. The blanket also comes with eight anchor points for a duvet cover, as opposed to the traditional four that many other comforters have.

When browsing comments from other customers, one of the things that stood out the most was the fact that the comforter was incredibly lightweight. Customers noted that the comforter fluffed up after putting it in the dryer and that it was remarkably comfortable as a result. Some indicated that they felt this blanket was a cross between a comforter and a duvet because of how lightweight it was.

No products found.

No products found.

If you’re in search of authentic down comforters, you may want to consider this product from Rosecose. Of those who reviewed the product, 70 percent gave it a five-star rating. The comforter comes in three sizes, twin, queen, and king. The price ranges from $$$ to $$$.

Unlike some of the other options on our list, this quilt only comes in white. However, its thread count is 1200, and it features a fill power rating of 750, so customers know they are purchasing an incredibly comfortable product. Even though Rosecose makes this comforter with authentic down, it is still hypo-allergenic and allergy-free. The blanket weighs 50 ounces.

Customers noted that the product was vacuum-sealed when they received it, and they recommended leaving it to sit for a few days to allow the downtime to expand. Other customers said that they put the comforter in the dryer without any heat to encourage the down to expand. Customers also remarked that this comforter was one of the best they had ever had and that it was like sleeping on a cloud.

No products found.

No products found.

Another option you may want to consider is the Utopia product. If you’re shopping for a down comforter while on a budget, this could be a strong candidate for you. The price ranges from $$ to $$ depending on which size comforter you buy. 

Of those who reviewed the product, an astounding 90 percent gave it either a four or five-star rating. Customers remarked that the comforter was lightweight and felt “airy.” They also appreciated the fact that the quilt had a hypoallergenic barrier that helped cut down on potential allergy risks.

Egyptian Bedding Goose Down Comforter

Luxurious Full/Queen Size Siberian Goose Down Comforter, 1200 Thread...
  • Luxury 100% Goose Down comforter provides medium warmth for year-round comfort.
  • Filling with 750+ Fill power, 50oz Fill, 100% Goose Down, 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Cover.
  • FULL / QUEEN Goose Down Comforter is 90 x 90 inches. 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover for added comfort and to prevent down...

Another comfortable option for those in search of an authentic down comforter. Of those who reviewed the product, 80 percent gave it a five-star rating. Egyptian Bedding produces the comforter in three different sizes: King, Queen, and Twin. The price of the comforter ranges from $$$ to about $$$.

The company states that this product provides medium warmth throughout the year. The blanket’s fill power is 750. Additionally, the company made the comforter with an Egyptian Cotton 1200 thread count, which they say not only prevents down from escaping but is also hypo-allergenic. This product comes with a full warranty and a money back guarantee.

When leaving online reviews, customers raved about how plush this comforter was. They noted that the quilt’s materials were of very high quality and that the comforter fluffed up within a day or two of removing it from its packaging, even though it was vacuum sealed. Customers also seemed to appreciate that the bedding was heavier, remarking that they trusted it to keep them warm during the winter.

No products found.

No products found.

For those who don’t mind using a synthetic comforter and are looking for something affordable, this product from AmazonBasics could be an excellent option. Of those who reviewed the product, 80 percent gave it either a four or five-star rating.

This comforter only comes in two sizes, Full/Queen and King. The former costs just under $$, while the latter costs a little more than $$. The comforter is lightweight since it contains synthetic down. Customers remarked that even though this comforter was lighter than others, it still managed to keep them warm. They also said that they would use it as a cheap alternative.

Buyer’s Guide

Woman lying on her bed wile covering her body with a comforter while she is enjoying the view outside her bedroom

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No matter if you’re buying your first down comforter or looking to replace the one you currently own, you’ll want to consider a few criteria when making your selection. By reviewing these factors, you’ll greater improve your chances of purchasing a product that will last for years. Below, you’ll find the factors we consider most important to consider when buying a new down comforter.

Types of Down

When choosing a down comforter, you’ll find that there are multiple material types from which you can choose. Manufacturers fill the inside of the quilt with down, which comes from the bird’s undercoat. It’s primarily known for the fact that it is soft, lightweight, and high-quality. There are no quills in a down comforter, unlike other blankets that use actual feathers.

One of the most popular types of down options is goose. When browsing goose down comforters, you may find that they use either gray or white down. The color should not have any impact on the quality of the blanket. However, the fact that the down is either gray or white is essential because it reduces the chance of the material showing through the white shell of the comforter.

Woman sleeping on white mattress

Image by DieterRobbins via Pixabay

Another option you’ll have when selecting one of the best down comforters is duck. Duck is not as common as goose, but it remains a viable option. Duck down should be considered by those looking for a more affordable down comforter, as they are typically cheaper than goose down comforters. Duck down is excellent for keeping warm.

If you prefer not to have authentic down, you could also choose synthetic materials as well. Manufacturers design them so that they are just as comfortable as genuine down. These could also be an excellent option for those with allergies, as they may be hypoallergenic. Typically, the materials that go into a synthetic down comforter are:

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Wool

Fill Power

Another thing to consider when choosing a down comforter is the fill power of the down. The fill power indicates how much space one ounce of the down consumes. Lower-end comforters may not have the fill power listed on the label, but higher-end comforters should. The higher the fill power of the quilt, the fluffier it will be. It will also be much more insulating as well.

If you’re going to be using the down comforter in cold environments, you should consider a down comforter with a fill power of greater than 800. This is the highest possible fill power option available. Fill powers ranging from 600 to 799 are a bit lighter in weight but should still keep you warm. Fill options 400 – 599 are excellent all-season options, while a rating below 400 is best for summer months.

Design and Construction

You’ll also want to pay attention to the design and construction of the blanket. There are six or seven designs that manufacturers use when producing down comforters. The most often used is the baffle box, where strips of fabric are in both sides. Manufacturers then fill these square compartments with down. The chambers also allow the down to expand to its maximum capacity.

Person sleeping on white bed comforter

Image by Wokandapix via Pixabay

A similar design is the diamond quilt. Here, the fabric is sewn into both sides of the blanket but in a diamond pattern. This results in squares identical to the baffle box design, but much smaller. Because the shapes are smaller, there is less room for the down material to shift. Both the baffle box and diamond designs may come with a gusset, which is a wall of fabric sewn into the outer edge.

Other designs used in down comforters include the karo-step, the ring-stitch, the sewn-through box stitch, and the sewn-through channel stitch. Karo-step comforters come with cross stitching that prevents the fill from moving. Ring-stitches result in the top and bottom of the blanket being sewn together by small circles. Box and channel stitches are different patterns used when stitching.

Featured image by Jaymantri via Pexels.

Featherbeds: the ticket for nesting in luxury

Featherbeds are becoming increasingly more popular with people who are nesting these days. They want the best, especially when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. A featherbed can be just the ticket for the ultimate in luxury at the end of a long day.

The great news is that there are lots of high quality choices available to the online shopper. They are available for all of the standard bed sizes, twin, full, queen, king and California king also. In case you’re wondering how they stay in place, you just put your featherbed on top of your mattress or pad, and then the fitted sheet goes over everything and keeps it from shifting.

The better featherbeds will have the following features:

A thread count of 200 or higher. This assures that your featherbed will be soft and durable, and the higher thread count means the tighter weave will prevent the down and feathers from coming out over time.

The feather and down fill should have been washed and cleaned repeatedly so it’s allergy free. Double checking for this is a good idea whether you’ve got allergies or not.

The featherbed should have either baffle box or baffle channel construction. The baffle box version is where the bed is sewn through in squares so that the feathers and down can’t shift around. This option provides a bit more support and loft because all of the fill stays put. The baffle channel construction is where the fill can be moved through the length of the bed from head to foot so you can adjust the fill if you’d like.

A gusset edge. This provides a nice finishing around the featherbed, and gives the fill more loft, or height. Then all you need is a good quality featherbed zip cover that protects your investment.

It should be 100% cotton with a thread count of at least 200. Now that you’ve got a few tips on what to look for when shopping for featherbeds online, I know that you’ll find one that’s just perfect!

Alternative down comforters – are they even better than traditional

Some people get irritated at the slightest hint that there could be anything better than the fluffy, luxurious, sumptuous feather and down comforters that they’ve become so used to on those chilly winter nights.

But there are some folks that are allergic to the feathers, down and other organic components of the traditionally loved down comforters of old. And trying to put this as delicately as possible, down comforters can after a time begin to harbor little beasties like dust mites and other contagions.

Not a very appealing choice for people that tend to get itchy at the mere thought of all of that in their bed with them. This is where alternative down comforters come in beautifully.

The fill is made of polyester fiber which is spun to be so fine and lofty that it is almost impossible to tell it from its traditional down comforter cousin.

The result is that you have a beautiful toasty warm bed comforter that is hypoallergenic, clean and frankly a healthier alternative. This wasn’t easy for me to say, believe me because I grew up sleeping on my grandmothers featherbed in Germany where some of the most beautiful down comforters have ever been produced.

You’ll also be thrilled to know that just because the fill of an alternative down comforter is made of polyester, that doesn’t necessarily apply to the shell. No, the shells of these comforters can be purchased with 100% cotton fabric. You can get luxury sateen in 300 to 400 thread count ranges if you like.

Talk about sleeping in luxury! With the old traditional comforters, you’d have to get a really tight weave for your shell to keep all the little feathers from eventually working their way out and poking you in the back.  But with your new alternative down this is no longer a concern — thankfully.

Silk Comforter Fabric Has Mommes Not Thread Count

Most shoppers know to look for thread count when buying bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters or other luxury bedding items. But thread count does not really apply when looking at silk comforters and fabrics. Instead, silk fabric is measured in a unit of weight called momme.

Momme is pronounced “mommy” and is defined as a Japanese unit of weight equal to 3.6 grams. The term originated out of the cultured pearl industry. In reference to silk fabrics, a momme is 3.6 grams of silk fabric per yard. For example a 17 momme fabric would weigh 61.2 grams per 1 yard.

Selecting a Quality Silk Comforter

When selecting a silk comforter, there are many factors to evaluate. One of the main ones is the type of fabric used in the cover. Many silk comforter covers are cotton (in which case thread count would apply), a cotton and silk mix, or 100% silk.

The best type of silk commonly used for a silk comforter cover is charmeuse. It ranges from 16-19 momme. It is also the most commonly used and most well known type of silk in all bedding items. The surface of charmeuse silk if very smooth and the fabric drapes beautifully. Another name for charmeuse silk is satin silk. Satin polyester is a cheaper imitation of this type of silk.

Habotai silk is also used in silk comforters and is similar to charmeuse, but lighter in weight (12-15 momme) and not as shiny. Because it is a lighter weight, it does not drape as well as heavier fabrics, but it is more comfortable to use in summer or warmer climates.

Silk fabrics used in bedding range from 8mm on the low end to 22mm at the high end. Higher momme fabrics are more durable, but not necessarily higher quality. Heavier and lighter silk fabrics simply have different uses. A heavier 23 momme fabric is commonly used in men’s suits, while silk sheets range from 13 – 20 momme.

A Silk comforter uses 15 – 18 momme fabric, heavy enough to last the life of the comforter, but not too heavy to prevent moisture from passing through and away from your body.

The silk filling in a silk comforter is not measured in mommes, but rather grams or ounces. For example, a typical all year weight silk comforter would have 67ounces of silk floss filling and a common weight for the cover material would be 16 momme.

Mulberry and Tussah: 2 Quality Levels of Silk

There are two types of silk filling used in silk comforters. The first is mulberry silk, also called cultivated silk. Mulberry silk comes from silk worms that are raised in a controlled environment and fed a strict diet of mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is pure white and made from 1 continuous thread.

After the silk worms build there cocoon, they are killed with heat. Silk worms build their cocoons with just a few long thread, 500-1000 meters long. Factory workers brush the outside of the cocoon to find the end of the thread, and then reel it off to make fabric, or stretch it out to make silk floss for a comforter.

Tussah silk, also called wild silk, is produced from silk worms fed a diet of whatever they can find out in nature. The color of tussah is anywhere from light beige to deep tan, depending on what the worm was feeding on. Because the silk worm is allowed to emerge, the silk fibers have been broken and are shorter, making a less smooth thread and fabric.

Six Easy Tips On King Comforter Care

King comforters are a valueable investment in your bedding collection- and you don’t want to shorten its life span or beauty by not taking care of it.

So here are some easy Ideas you’ll enjoy and find helpful-

1. Read and Save Care Instructions: Before purchasing a king comforter, read the care instructions and determine if the recommended care meets your needs and desires.
Once you take your comforter out of its package, you may wish to remove the care instruction label to prevent it rubbing skin or showing on the bedding.

Consider getting an index card and taping the care instructions on it.
Then you can tape the note card inside your linen closet, in the laundry room, or any practical place where you’ll be able to find it when you need it. Trying to remember or making an educated guess all too often ends up ruining bedding.

2.  Choose Based on Use: Do you love to lounge on top of your king size bed and read, snack, watch television, drink beverages, play games or other activities? If so, select a fabric which is stain resistant and does not require dry cleaning. If you remove the comforter from your bed before sleeping and do not lounge on your bed, you may be perfectly happy with a dry clean only bedding choice. If the comforter is for a child’s room or even a teen’s bedroom, you can be sure there will be lots of wear and tear, so you should choose sturdy construction and easy care.

3. Have King Comforters Professionally Laundered or Dry Cleaned: The wet king comforter simply weighs too much for most washers to stand the strain and repairs or replacement is an expense you probably do not want. Note any stains so the laundry or dry cleaner can attempt to remove the stain using special products.

4. Consider using Duvet Covers: Duvet covers in king sizes are a useful way of extending comforter life. A duvet cover is simply an envelope-like package which encases your comforter, allowing the heavy comforter to be cleaned less frequently. Duvet covers are usually light weight and can be laundered in home laundry equipment. These covers for king comforters are especially great for people with allergies. You can have one or many comforters, but each duvet cover can change the look to fit your moods and the changing seasons. They are becoming more easily available in color options that were only white for the longest time.

5. Fluff your King Comforter Daily: When you make your bed take a moment to fluff the filling. This increases the amount of air trapped in the fill and allows the comforter to achieve its full loft. This is especially necessary if the comforter is down filled, but any filling will benefit from a moment spent fluffing.

6. Storage: When a king comforter is not in use, be cautious how it’s stored. Plastic zipper bags can trap moisture and leave a comforter smelling mildewed or even cause visible mildew to appear. Instead, store the comforter on a closet shelf, in the linen closet, or in a container that is not fully sealed such as under-the-bed containers or boxes.

Hope this little comforter care guide comes in handy for you. =)

How to buy a good down comforter

Down comforters are widely considered to be the height of luxurious bedding. If you’re looking into how to buy a good down comforter online, then you might want to use this handy little guide to give you some pointers.

These comforters are made from the insulating tufts of feathers from the undercoats of various waterfowl, like geese and ducks.

The little insulating tufts trap warm air next to the bird’s skin. And this is why we love down for our comforters. It keeps warm air in, and the keeps colder air out, and makes sleeping so comfortable that we might not even want to get out of bed!

What makes these down comforters so special, and sometimes expensive, is the down itself.

•The more pure down in the comforter the more costly it will be. For the ultimate in luxury, some folks out there might be tempted by the pure eider down comforters made from (what else) eider duck down. But for the rest of us who want great quality without the incredible multi-thousand dollar price tag, there are lots of wonderful choices out there.

Most of us will be choosing from comforters that combine the somewhat larger feathers of the same waterfowl with the more expensive down tufts for a satisfactory combination of warmth at less cost.

Look for these features in your down comforter and you won’t go wrong: The fill power number means how many cubic inches of space that down will take up. The more fill and loft, the more air it will trap, and the warmer it will be.

up at about 600 is good quality

up at about 700 is better

700 and up is the best,

with 800 or more being very rare and expensive.

•Look for ‘baffle box construction’ or words with ‘baffle’ in the description when buying your comforter.

This means that it will have an internal layer of fabric that holds the down in place inside the box design for maximum loft. It also keeps the down from shifting around and forming lumps.

If the comforter description doesn’t say ‘baffle box’ or ‘baffle’, then chances are that it’s what’s called ‘sewn through’, which is less expensive, but also not as well made. The down may shift, creating pockets of down and feather lumps, usually in the corners.

Your comforter may lose loft, meaning the down will, over time, not stand up like it did at first, meaning the comforter will lose insulation and not be as warm. These comforters aren’t really made with the best stitching either, so you’ll soon find that the down will start peeking through the typically lower thread count outer shell of the fabric.

The thrill of your comforter soon goes away as your plucking down tufts out of your teeth in the morning!

•You’ll also want to consider the climate you need your comforter for. If you live in California you won’t need to waste your money getting a heavy duty comforter- you’ll be miserably hot under there!

You’ll be able to pick from lightweight, medium and heavy weights to better accommodate your needs. What about the thread count?

•Look for numbers from 230 to 380 or so for the best in softness and durability. A higher thread count will mean a tighter weave that keeps the down from coming out of your comforter over the years. Look for your better comforter fabric to be made from either 100% cotton or silk.

And don’t forget a duvet cover, or a comforter cover to protect that investment. It’s a good idea to have a few on hand so a fresh one will always be on the comforter to keep dirt away from it.

The neat thing is that you can find incredibly gorgeous covers these days- not just white and ivory like in the past. You can really go crazy with deep purples, navy blues, stripes, floral patterns- and about any type of design you can imagine for those covers so your bedroom always stays fresh and stylish.

Can I wash a down comforter in the washing machine?

Can I Wash a Down Comforter in the Washing Machine?” has been asked thousands of times. It’s a very good question, deserving a very good answer, and the answer is generally no.

Now….IF you KNOW for a FACT that it’s cool to wash your comforter in the washer….as in you read the laundering instructions on that comforter…then you will be okay in doing this if your washer can handle it. If you have any doubts…why take a chance of either ruining your comforter OR your washer…? Be on the safe side and just take it to your local dry cleaner.

Why are there always questions and even arguments about this subject..?

First of all, down is a form of feather. It’s the fluffy feathers near the body of a bird, usually a goose when speaking of the down in comforters.

The weight of your comforter made of down is not light; you now this from picking up your dry folded comforter. Now, imagine adding water. The comforter may become extremely heavy.

Home washing machines are made to handle 12 to 15 pounds of dry laundry. Your down comforter probably weighs near this dry! Once you add water, which the down feathers absorb quickly, you have a comforter that is extremely heavy – probably somewhere near 75 pounds or more if it is a California king size. When your washing machine tries to move the comforter around in the machine when wet, it is incapable of doing so.

This would result in a less than thorough wash. But that’s not the worst part: your washing machine’s drive bearing and transmission, when attempting to spin dry a soaking wet down comforter will break, leaving you with a big wet mess!

The second reason not to use your washing machine at home for cleaning a down comforter is the fact that feathers, when wet, tend to mat together. The result of using the home washing machine to launder the down comforter would be a lumpy mess instead of a nice fluffy comforter you paid so dearly for.

When cleaning any type of bedding, whether sheets, comforter, or other bedding, it is crucial to read the label instructions. The care instructions are tested by the manufacturer and were found to be the right methods of maintaining a down comforter or other bedding in like-new condition for the longest period of time possible.

It’s almost certain that the label on your down comforter will say ‘dry clean only’ even if machine washable were listed, the comforter would still require a larger, more heavy-duty machine that any washing machine you would have at home.

Spend the extra money and have your down items, comforter included, cared for according to label directions. Not only will your down comforter and other down items last longer but you’ll save yourself the cost of a major washing machine repair or replacement.

Croscill comforter sets

Croscill comforter sets are top quality sets from one of the most respected names in bedding.

Croscill offers almost 70 different comforter sets, so expect to find several that you’ll fall in love with. With so many designs, there is a comforter set form Croscill that will blend with any decor you may desire.

How do you choose? What do you love to do? If you love the great outdoors and the Southwest, then maybe go for a design that accents this. (More on this below)

If you happen to love surfing, Croscill makes wonderful bedding collections to bring the sea and surf right into your bedroom! (Tips on this below)

Almost any statement that you’d like to make with your bedroom decor can be made to the world with Croscill comforter set bedding. From mild, to romantic, to formal or bold, modern and adventurous, look to Croscill to reflect your personality perfectly with bedding!

•If you love Native American patterns or have a western look in your bedroom, consider Croscill’s Big Sky comforter set. Aztec-inspired patterns in earth tones such as sand, lichen and rust blend to make this a very striking comforter set. The comforter and pillow shams are created from chenille fabric accented with suede-like chocolate piping. Combined with matching sheets in 310 thread count 100% cotton and you have a bedding set you’ll look forward to crawling into every night.

•Along the same lines, but with a much bolder look, the Grand Teton comforter set uses jewel tones of amethyst, russet, lichen green and marigold in a Kilim woven design, this comforter set is rich and elegant. Chenille accented with faux suede piping creates a comforter and pillow sham set that will blend with many different sheeting choices. Or you can choose the coordinating linens from Croscill that feature borders that match the design in the comforter set.

•Croscill has created a light and airy look with their Oceanview comforter set. Plush and bright, the light ocean blues and whites blended with subtle sand and pale greens make this set especially attractive and makes you think of a day at the beach. This comforter set is very unisex in nature, being attractive for a couple’s bedroom, or for a woman or man’s bedding. It certainly will brighten any room where it is used.

These are just three examples out of scores of choices, all of which offer unique beauty for your bedding. With comforter sets of the finest quality and coordinating bed linens, you won’t be sorry when you invest in Croscill comforters and comforter sets.

Karin Maki comforters: enjoy a world of bedding with them

Karin Maki comforters are beautiful designer bedding that you will want to add to your bedding collection. Karin Maki comforters have so many gorgeous, elegant, rich designs in the collection; you’ll probably be unable to stop with only one choice!

Let’s look at some of the designs in her collection of comforters. Some of these are sure to reflect your own unique sense of style just perfectly!

•If you love jungle theme bedding, Karin Maki has the comforter just for you. Her African Dawn comforter is created in jacquard weave and depicts zebras, elephants and leopard in a rich jungle setting. The subtle colors in greens, browns and tans accent the wildlife perfectly.

Add three throw pillows, one with each of the three animals, and you have a truly striking bedding ensemble. A suede-like bed skirt is available to pull the whole look together!

•Do you love a country theme? Karin Maki’s Dogs and Ducks comforter may be just the one for your bedroom. Hunting dogs and wood ducks mixed with plaids create a patchwork look on one side of this great comforter by Karin Maki. The reverse side is a hunter green, so you can enjoy two looks for the price of one!

•The Casaba comforter from Karin Maki features tone on tone design in subtle geometrics. Yellow, gold, ivory and linen tones blend to create a bright comforter that will blend well into many different bedroom decors.

•If traditional floral designs appear to you, choose Karin Maki’s Ashleigh comforter. White and beige roses highlight a ruby red background to create a feminine garden look. This easy to coordinate comforter will blend well with white or beige sheets, or even pink or ruby linens.

•If tropical islands are a theme you love, the Maki Caribbean comforter is just for you! Featuring palm trees set against an earth tone background makes this elegant comforter perfect for a bedroom with lots of greenery or tropical accents. These are only a few of the many quality comforters designed by Karin Maki to get you dreaming.

You’ll find many more to select from to fit into your decor perfectly! Be sure to read the care instructions on the label of the comforter you choose so that your investment can be enjoyed for years to come.

Prima loft comforters: a comfy bedding solution to your sneezing

Primaloft comforters are among the top choices in hypoallergenic comforters for those who suffer from allergies. Often it’s not the filling of a comforter that causes the allergic reaction, but the inhabitants that live in bedding; dust mites thrive inside most comforters. Yuk.

Primaloft has created comforters that are dust mite proof! The microscopic creatures can’t get into the comforter to cause you sneezing and irritation.

You will find Primaloft comforters in 230 thread count material and three warmth levels in a variety of designs. The very best part about Primaloft is that the comforters do not cost significantly more than a traditional comforter! Let’s look at just a few.

•Solid color Primaloft 230 thread count comforters are available in a rainbow of colors. The warmth levels are warm, warmer and warmest. The filling in the comforters from Primaloft is tiny microfiber that creates small pockets to allow the collection of heat and holds that heat in through the cold nights. These comforters require no cover, nor would you wish to add a cover and give those nasty dust mites a potential place to live!

•Primaloft sateen comforters are suggested for fall and winter use while cambric comforters are suggested for spring and summer use. You can purchase these simple white comforters which are intended to be used in a duvet.

•Add Primaloft pillows to your comforters, include a dust mite proof mattress cover and you will find your allergies much improved. Very, very few people have any problem being allergic to the tiny microfibers used to fill the pillows and comforters. Primaloft is machine washable, but it is best to have the bedding professionally cleaned. Most home washers and dryers simply aren’t meant for cleaning comforters.

Be sure to choose your Primaloft bed comforters and pillows early because these products have become so popular that by late fall there is often a waiting list. During the spring, summer and early fall, you may be able to find Primaloft bedding at sale prices, so don’t wait until just before Christmas to order that Primaloft gift you want to give someone who suffers from allergies, or to order one of your very own!