Crib Blankets To Cuddle Your Little One

Crib blankets are not only beautiful, they are a practical necessity of having a baby and keeping the child cozy and warm. Whether you are seeking a baby shower gift, a gift to honor the birth of the new child, or buying nursery items for your own arriving baby’s crib,

A gorgeous crib blanket should really last a lifetime and can be used until the child grows into a larger bed and kept for years as a family heirloom.

The wide variety of crib blankets on the market includes top quality choices as well as choices of less quality. Crib blankets that are not well made will not withstand the many launderings required of crib bedding.

The blanket’s surface may bunch into “pills” and irritate baby’s tender skin. Instead, buy the very finest quality crib blanket so baby can sleep soundly and awake refreshed and ready for his or her feeding and playtime. Let’s take a look at some quality crib blankets.

So Girly! offers the I Love Being Me crib blanket. Created from quality pink plush fabric, the blanket is bound in yellow satin. Yellow, blue and orange embroidery create the lettering and the blanket is embellished with hearts of yellow, blue, and green with orange polka dots. This crib blanket is machine washable on gentle.

Carousel Designs has designed a lightweight crib blanket which reverses to 100% white cotton flannel. The fabric for the top of the blanket is hypoallergenic, resin-free polyester. Made in the USA, these crib blankets are machine washable but should not be dry cleaned. Color choices include a complete rainbow with pink, blue, yellow and 25 other solid colors, combinations of pastel and soft colors, primary and bright colors, or a combination of dark shades.

Coyuchi is known for quality products and their crib blankets are no exception. Using cleaned organic, India-grown cotton fiber, spun into yarn in Madhya Pradesh, as modern facility known for the best spinning equipment anywhere, these crib blankets meet ISO 9002 certification standards for quality, labor and environmental practices. The resulting fabric is sized, softened, and pre-shrunk to create a finished feel and look. Depending on the color desired, some fabric is bleached using hydrogen peroxide.

Few chemicals are used in creating these great crib blankets and those which are have been approved by certifying organizations in the US and Europe to ensure your baby’s soft, tender skin is protected. In fact, Coyuchi received the United Nations Second Annual Fashion Industry Award for Environmental Excellence due to their practices in ensuring environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Care instructions for these great baby crib blankets includes warm wash with biodegradable detergent or soap, tumble or line dry. If the blanket is tumble dried, remove from dryer promptly. The range of colors and embroidered designs creates a long, long list, ensuring you will find just the right colors and designs for your child’s nursery.

Simmons Thermal infant crib blanket by BabyAge comes in a set of two blankets, each of which is created from 100% cotton to allow breathability. Choose from yellow, white, blue or pink to fit the nursery. These baby crib blankets are machine washable on gentle.

Polartec offers fleece crib blankets as well as stroller blankets that are made from quality fleece. The shearling colors in this line have been left with a nubby, lamb’s wool look on one side. Each Polartec crib blanket can be machine washed in cold water and dried on the lowest heat setting. Choose from 21 solid colors, 10 shearling colors, and 30 great prints.

Alpaca blankets for luxurious warmth

Many people remain unaware of the beauty of alpaca blankets and other products — but those that do know about it cherished this incredible fiber for for its excellent qualities. It has an instantly recognizable lush appearance and is lighter, stronger and wears even better than wool and cashmere does.

Alpaca products like blankets are also more environmentally friendly because no harsh chemicals are used to process the fiber because it doesn’t contain any lanolin oils. It doesn’t shed either.

You may be surprised to know that alpaca fiber comes in many different colors just naturally, and takes to being dyed exceptionally well, keeping its colors bright and beautiful.

A lot of people don’t know that alpaca is naturally allergy free and doesn’t have the same bit of scratchiness that you’ll feel with most wool in products — except maybe merino wool that is.

Alpaca blankets are very easy to care for, meaning they can be washed with very gentle soap and do not need a visit to the dry cleaners.

An alpaca blanket, if it’s properly taken care of can become a most treasured family heirloom. A lot of times the alpaca fiber will be blended with other natural or man-made fibers like silk, acrylic or wool. Of course if you want 100% pure alpaca blankets, you’ll be easily able to find them but they are a bit more expensive as you might expect.

You’ll find them available in traditional blanket and throw sizes, and in loads of different colors and designs. If you like plaids you’ll be happy to know they’re available in many different color schemes including purple, gray, green, red — even burgundy among others.

You’ll find beautiful solids in white/natural, green, black, camel, beige, bright red and other shades sure to please you.

A wool blanket- not just for the Army anymore!

A chilly night under the warmth and coziness of a wool blanket. What could be better? These woolen blankets are essentials that people count on.

In today’s era of luxury living, a bedroom is not only a place for sleeping, but a retreat from the stresses of day-to-day life. Blankets made from wool combine both strength and softness and indulges you in feelings of safety, warmth and comfort.

As Gary Romanik, chief executive of Murtex explains, ‘Wool is specially engineered for high loft and support, and is also hypoallergenic”.

Some of the best choices for these wool blankets anywhere are made of 100% natural virgin lambs wool. Supple and lavish to the touch, blankets made of wool are available in various weights, constructions, weaves, styles and designs.

They are a tough blanket and very difficult to tear up, because the wool fibers cross one another in a dense weave of sorts. These wool fibers naturally have a slight sort of waxy outer layer that insulate and tend to resist dirt, stains and moisture. So it’s a perfect choice for a blanket.

Enjoy their warmth and comfort while sleeping, or watching your favorite TV show. Carry them to outdoor picnics or stadiums because they are thick as a slice of a bread so you can stay warm anywhere. One blanket with many uses. These days you can pick more than just the olive drab or gray colors that we used to have.

Take your pick from multi-colored stripes or colorful patterns in different styles like woven, tufted or cellular. To top it all, blankets made of wool are easy to take care of and wash.

So no matter what style of blanket you’re looking for, when you do your shopping online, you’re sure to find something just right.

Down blankets should be your new favorite!

Down blankets are coming into their own now like never before. More people are choosing a down blanket because they appreciate the quality of these blankets, both for their warmth and also their look, which is inviting and luxurious.

With the ease of shopping online why would you wait to get your down blanket for your home? A down blanket should be on every holiday shoppers list and it is sure to fit into any shoppers budget. Due to the thickness of a down blanket it is a sure fit for anyone; at any age, it is sure to make the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.

Tired of the relentless struggle and hassle of making your bed with all those unnecessary covers and blankets in the winter time? With the insulation provided by the feathers in a down blanket the endless layer after layer of sheets on your bed is madness. Why continue to wake in the middle of the night in shivers only to find all your blankets have fallen to the floor? A down blanket is heavier than other types of blankets and will stay in place all night to keep you warm.

Do not continue the age old “tug of war” with your loved one any more over thin sheets and covers in the middle of the night. Get your family the warmth they deserve, or even if your single spoil yourself with a down blanket.

Down blankets are sometimes seen as an alternative to costlier down comforters, and are warmer than most other traditional blankets except the electric ones. The online shopper looking into down blankets will just be amazed at the rainbow of colors that these wonderful blankets come in.

The outer shell of a down blanket is usually made with good high quality cotton, polyester or even satin with tight weaves to keep the down inside.

Look for box stitching, because that method of sewing will keep your down from shifting inside the blanket. Most will have a nice satin trim to finish off the look. They are available in all the traditional bed sizes, from twin to king, with anywhere from 13 to 22 ounces of down, depending on the size.

The soft little insulating feather tufts of waterfowl like ducks and geese are what makes down blankets so warm. Most of these blankets are also machine washable, which is a super convenient. Just double check the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure. No matter which type of down blankets you’re looking for online, you’re sure to find something that’s just right.

With all of it conveniently delivered right to your own front door!

Cotton blankets: that extra beauty and warmth all year long

A well-made cotton blanket is perfectly suited for when you just need a layer of extra warmth all year ’round. It doesn’t have to be confusing when choosing your blankets.

Here are some ideas for cotton blankets and the varieties that you’ll come across when shopping for them online. They come in a wide range of looks, weaves, colors and styles to fit anyone’s decorating needs.

All are machine washable blankets unless noted. Some of the really popular types of all-cotton made blankets are:

Egyptian cotton, which is world famous for it’s long fibers and resulting softness and strength.

Pima and Supima cotton makes incredibly soft blankets- almost the same quality as Egyptian cotton, grown in the US. This cotton also makes a gorgeous blanket that makes a luxurious statement.

Traditional cotton cellular blankets- Very popular blankets, woven mostly in the UK. They’re perfect for any time of the year, have an open weave that allows for more circulation of air. Available in a full range of complimentary colors.

Fleece- some people really don’t believe that these blankets are made of high-piled cotton. They are especially soft and warm, and are perfect blankets for babies and adults alike.

Basket weave- hearty and solid blanket, especially great for kids because they’re a tough, colorful and easy care blanket.

Waffle weave-more open lighter feel that’s good for an extra layer on the bed.

Herringbone-a classic look that comes in many soft solid- colors that compliment your decor.

Then there are the cotton blends. They combine the best qualities of each fabric that when brought together result in beautiful, sumptuous blankets.

Some of the most popular options are:

Silk/ cotton blend blankets are lightweight yet very warm, and come in a beautiful pallet of colors to compliment your decor. Dry clean these blankets.

Chenille blankets-a mix of rayon/ cotton for an extra touch of shimmery softness and luxury.

With all of the incredible selections of these blankets available online, you’re sure to find just the right one to suit your needs and taste!

Mink blankets

Mink blankets are nothing like mink coats. The word mink brings to mind the browns or silvers of mink coats with long silky hair. A Korean mink blanket is another thing entirely.

These soft, plush blankets are cuddly and comfy but look nothing like a mink coat! Korean mink is actually an acrylic fiber that feels like mink. No furry little animals have to die to create these blankets. But no one will ever know the fiber is not mink fur because they feel exactly that rich and soft.

These blankets made from acrylic make great bedding choices for any home. When shopping for Korean blankets made from “mink” go for higher weight, denser blankets. This means the blankets are heavy, dense and very plush, so the mink fiber count is high and the product will last a long, long time.

If the blankets are less heavy or less plush, the mink fiber count is lower and the product may not last as long, or may even shed fibers! With prices for blankets of Korean mink so low, you can buy the best without spending a fortune!

The best blankets made of mink should be heavy to lift. These are not blankets to sleep under every night since they are so heavy. They are cold weather blankets and can be used during other seasons to show off the wonderful mink feel. Then, just fold the blanket back at night.

These blankets of mink come in patterns and prints that are gorgeous. Solid colors are also available. The mink products are often seen in wildlife prints such as zebra, tiger, leopard or other animal skin designs. Blankets for rooms based on rainforest or jungle themes will benefit well from these mink selection.

Other mink designs include eagles, angels, cartoon characters, scenes of mountains, flowers or just about any design you could possibly desire. Blankets include designs your child will love or any grown up would love. Because acrylic mink gives these blankets such as soft feel, no one would ever fail to fall instantly in love with these blankets.

The word “mink” makes one think these blankets would cost a lot. The pleasant surprise is that they are extremely affordable. Hardly costing more than regular, boring blankets, mink choices range from as low as $7.99 to around $100. Sizes range from those small enough for baby blankets to large enough for the California King bed.

As a gift for a baby shower, select a blanket of acrylic mink in a pretty color or pattern. You can rest assured your gift will not be duplicated by other gifts! Few people realize these mink acrylic blankets are available at such affordable prices.

One beautiful teddy bear design blanket was located at only $7.99. Perfect for baby’s tender skin due to the softness of the mink fibers, yet luxurious enough no one will know you obtained the gift at such a low price! Would you like another great surprise about mink acrylic blankets?

They are machine washable! Remember, however, that heavy blankets should not be washed in a home washing machine. The weight of the wet blanket is too much. Take these blankets out to the commercial laundry for cleaning. A large commercial machine has no problem handling the heavy weight of a mink acrylic fiber blanket.

Cashmere blankets: why Scottish workmanship proven the best

If you’re looking into getting a cashmere blanket, then you’ll want to know a few things as you begin to shop.

First off, getting these luxury cashmere blankets online is the best idea, because you’ll find all of the world’s selections at your fingertips. No one retailer could possibly offer you all these choices.

At the same time, it can be easy to fall in love with an inferior blanket that may not even be a good quality blanket! Okay, let’s look at what makes the best cashmere. Not all cashmere blankets are the same.

The best cashmere comes from the harsh climates of Mongolia and Tibet, where the cold encourages the goats to grow the longest, finest fiber.

Blankets made with this yarn are far superior to other alternatives. What you want is the denser and longer fiber, which will result in a better blanket that will last to pass down to next generations.

So how can you be sure what you’re getting?

•Look for Tibetan or Mongolian cashmere woven in Scotland specifically, where quality has been proven to really matter. They’ll use the longer fibers that come from the throat and belly area of the goats, not from the legs where the fibers are shorter and more coarse.

•Avoid cashmere produced elsewhere-it will generally be of poorer quality, and a lot of times it will be mixed with sheep’s wool and still labeled as 100% pure cashmere, or 100% cashmere! If you’re looking at spending 800.00 dollars or more for such a blanket, then you’ll want the best, right?

•Look for a tight weave with these blankets. Don’t be mislead by the fluffiness, look for tightness instead. This is a better indication of the cashmere’s quality. As you wash this blanket over time, the fibers will open a bit more and get even softer.

So if you’re looking into buying a gorgeous blanket made from sumptuous cashmere, follow the above advice and you’ll be thrilled when you buy that wonderful blanket online!

Check out the new heating blankets- they’re electrifying!

There are several different types of heating blankets available, especially when shopping for them online:

For your bed, in all of the standard sizes:  twin   full   queen   king

For the couch or foot of the bed: throw size (50″ by 60″)

You can even arrange for a heating blanket in the car for extra warmth and security: it plugs into your lighter draws only 4 amps

The new electric blankets are so much better by all standards than those older model blankets. Today’s warming blankets come in a nice range of colors that will complement your decor, and are normally made of either acrylic fiber that feels like satin, or brushed fleece, which is also very soft, warm and comfortable.

Here are features of a few of the most popular electric blankets that are available:

• Most of them have a shut-off feature that kicks in after 10 hours for safety.

• They’re washable.

• They’re lighter, with flexible elements that are more comfortable and heat more evenly over all of the blanket.

• Multi-year warranties for peace of mind.

• Some offer remote controls, with larger beds having 2.

• Full range of temperature settings so you have exactly the right warmth. And here are few tips about safely using electric blankets. It’s basic common sense stuff..

• Read the manufacturer’s instructions and actually follow them.

• Make sure the cord hangs loosely and isn’t twisted or pulled too tight.

• Never use an electric blanket with a scorch marks or any exposed elements.

• Make a habit of just checking your blanket over now and then, and it will give you years of toasty warm nights.

Spring Air electric blankets: from frozen to toasty!

Spring Air electric blankets provide that cozy warmth you seek on cold winter nights. A Spring Air electric blanket have a great reputation for quality, and their blankets come in all common bedding sizes and are safe to use, as well as easy to maintain.

You’ll love to snuggle under these wonderful, lush electric blankets!

Spring Air blankets are made of ultra-soft fleece and are machine washable, which is a worry free plus!

•The wires that transmit the warmth are barely visible at all – unlike some older electric blankets where the wiring was heavy and bulky!

•Spring Air has integrated a Quiet Time® controller which is easy to operate and has an automatic shut-off feature. The numbers on the controller are easy to read. When you choose a Spring Air blanket in queen or king size, you can opt for dual controllers so that each person can choose their own heat level.

•If you are looking for a gift for an elderly relative or friend, the Spring Air blankets can be perfect. Many older people have trouble reading the numbers on controllers with tiny numbers. The electric blanket options from Spring Air solve this problem with larger numbers. With Spring Air’s low-voltage blankets, the elderly person does not have to fear overheating.

•And the electric blankets from Spring Air offer a pre-warm feature so your loved one does not have to climb into a cold bed and wait for the electric blanket to warm.

•Utility costs are always a concern, especially during winter months. The low voltage used by Spring Air blankets will not run your electric bill up significantly. In fact, if you turn the thermostat down and use the blanket to provide heat, you will save a great deal of money on your electric bill during the coldest months.

So if you’re shopping for these wonderful electric blankets for yourself or a loved one, then you can rest assured that they’ll get the warmth and comfort with these Spring Air blankets!

Chenille Bedspreads — Dressing Your Bed Delightfully

Did you know that chenille is the French word for Caterpillar…?  It perfectly describes the poofee patterns and textures on these Chenille bedspreads that were wildly popular back in the 60s and 70s. Chenille yarn had really actually been around forever, but it wasn’t until an inventive woman from Georgia developed the now famous stitch that produced bedspreads that beautifully graced countless beds all over the country.

They were made of 100% cotton and featured gorgeous intricately detailed geometric patterns that looked just like lace.  They added exquisite floral accents in a wide variety of colors to create a true work of art in chenille.

Then the unthinkable happened — in the 1960s manufacturers thought that they would save some money on cost.  And so they tried to switch the fabric they used from cotton to polyester, which is a man-made fiber that when used to make fabric normally results in a more plasticky, heat retaining bedding that pretty much everybody hated.

These polyester bedspreads would pill and get dirty very quickly — and let’s face it, cotton just feels so much more natural when it comes to bedding. If you use your cotton bedspreads to sleep under, they’ll allow your body to stay dry and comfortable because they’ll wick away moisture from your body.

The authentic chenille bedspreads have made an amazing comeback and is now manufactured by many different companies. The floral designs are incredibly popular, and you can get them in solid shades of all kinds as well, from ivory pink and blue to just about everything else in between.  You’ll find prints of all sorts with stripes, flowers, dots and more in any configuration pretty much you can imagine. Some of the most well-respected chenille bedspread manufacturers are Morgan Jones and Cabin Crafts if you want only the very best in chenille bedspreads.