Cashmere blankets: why Scottish workmanship proven the best

If you’re looking into getting a cashmere blanket, then you’ll want to know a few things as you begin to shop.

First off, getting these luxury cashmere blankets online is the best idea, because you’ll find all of the world’s selections at your fingertips. No one retailer could possibly offer you all these choices.

At the same time, it can be easy to fall in love with an inferior blanket that may not even be a good quality blanket! Okay, let’s look at what makes the best cashmere. Not all cashmere blankets are the same.

The best cashmere comes from the harsh climates of Mongolia and Tibet, where the cold encourages the goats to grow the longest, finest fiber.

Blankets made with this yarn are far superior to other alternatives. What you want is the denser and longer fiber, which will result in a better blanket that will last to pass down to next generations.

So how can you be sure what you’re getting?

•Look for Tibetan or Mongolian cashmere woven in Scotland specifically, where quality has been proven to really matter. They’ll use the longer fibers that come from the throat and belly area of the goats, not from the legs where the fibers are shorter and more coarse.

•Avoid cashmere produced elsewhere-it will generally be of poorer quality, and a lot of times it will be mixed with sheep’s wool and still labeled as 100% pure cashmere, or 100% cashmere! If you’re looking at spending 800.00 dollars or more for such a blanket, then you’ll want the best, right?

•Look for a tight weave with these blankets. Don’t be mislead by the fluffiness, look for tightness instead. This is a better indication of the cashmere’s quality. As you wash this blanket over time, the fibers will open a bit more and get even softer.

So if you’re looking into buying a gorgeous blanket made from sumptuous cashmere, follow the above advice and you’ll be thrilled when you buy that wonderful blanket online!