Caring for Luxury Bedding

Rotate Your Bedding Sets

It’s a good idea to buy several sets of bedding and rotate them (so that you have one set in use, one set in the wash, and one set in the airing cupboard, for example). This will help to ensure that your bedding lasts as long as possible. Remember that pillowcases and sheets are likely to wear out more quickly than duvet covers or accessories, so it’s a good idea to buy additional sheets and pillowcases when you buy your luxury bedding set.

Washing Luxury Bedding

The most important factor to bear in mind when washing luxury bedding is the temperature of the water – use lukewarm water rather than hot water. Don’t use too much detergent and try to use a mild one if possible. Never pour detergent directly onto the fabric and don’t use bleach on your bed linen as this can make it turn yellow.

Drying Luxury Bedding

If possible, dry your bedding naturally rather than tumble drying it. If you need to dry it in a tumble-dryer, set it at a low temperature and make sure that you don’t over-dry it. Remove the bedding from the dryer as soon as it is dry, as leaving it in the dryer to cool can cause wrinkles to appear in it. If you do need to leave it in the dryer to cool, however, you can remove the wrinkles by putting a damp cloth into the dryer with the bedding and drying it for another five to ten minutes.

Ironing Luxury Bedding

If you want to iron your bed linen, it’s best to do it when it is slightly damp. If your bedding includes decorative details, place it facedown on the ironing board over a towel and iron it, or place a plain sheet over the top of the detailed section and iron over that.