Camo bedding can be rugged and comfortable at the same time!

One of the best-selling styles for American boys’ bedrooms in recent years has been camo bedding. The war on terror, with action in Afghanistan and Iraq, has put images of battle and soldiers wearing camouflage in front of virtually everyone with a television for the past few years.

The inevitable result has been a resurgence, especially among young boys, an interest in all things military. Think back to your own childhood.

Didn’t you think of your bedroom as your own – your one bit of property? Most of us had beds and other bedroom items that reflected our budding personalities and personal preferences. Nothing has changed since then.

Today’s kids still want bedroom worlds that show what they like and are interested in.

One trend in camo bedding differs today from what little boys during the last major conflict (Vietnam) preferred. Nam was a jungle war, so the camouflage used was green and black, to mimic the dense foliage of Southeast Asian jungles.

Today, the war setting is entirely different, and so modern camouflage bedding has changed to dusty tans and browns, which reflects the desert landscape. Now, when boys ask their parents for camouflage sheets and pillows, they tend to get khaki brown bedding instead of jungle green.

Of course, the camouflage trend isn’t just for kids’ bedrooms. There are very nice adult bedding sets being sold today as well. Patriotism has surged since 9/11, and bedding makers have been quick to recognize the trend.

You can find some masculine camouflage comforters, sheets, and pillowcases at many major retailers online. Hunters wear camouflage too, of course – not just soldiers.

Many serious hunters like to create entire rooms in their homes or hunting cabins that reflect their love of the sport. Bedding can be found that combines camo and hunting images (ducks, hunting dogs, rifles, etc.) for the beds in these hobby rooms.

If you’ve looked around you home town for camo bed linen and haven’t had much luck, then giving the web a try will do the trick for sure. There are many merchants online that can supply everything you’ll need for the perfect camo look!