Camo bedding decorating tips you’ll love

With everything going on in the world these days, it’s impossible to miss the importance of the importance of the military and their service to the United States.

Camouflage bedding gives everyone the chance to show their patriotism or even just their support of a friend or family member serving in the military.

It’s not just limited to the boys anymore. Did you know you can actually get Camo bedding in pink…?  might be just the thing for your teenage girl.

Actually, fans of camouflage bedding aren’t even just kids are teenagers anymore for that matter, but also may be hunters at heart who just love the look.

So, what are some tips that might come in handy when decorating a bedroom with the Camo bed linen theme…?

Let’s start with the bed since that’s the natural focal point of any bedroom. You’ll find camouflage comforters and blankets in all sorts of Camo patterns like Woodland, Desert, Woodland Blue etc.
You could offset these with sheets and pillowcases in OD green or tan.

If you want to get really creative and wild with the Camo decorations, you could do a mural on some of the walls.You could pick an area and replicate the camouflage style on the wall in acrylic paint, or even some jeeps were tanks climbing over rocks or going down the desert road.

If you don’t think you’re that artistically inclined, you could find a picture out of a magazine and have your local copy shop make you a transparency of it.  Then you could borrow or buy a projector like the ones you probably remember from high school… don’t worry they’re not that expensive. Once you have the transparency being projected on the wall you’d like to mural to be on, trace your image using a pencil and very light lines.

Get yourself some acrylic paint, also very inexpensive, some brushes in different sizes and get painting. Don’t be a chicken cause it’ll wash off if you make a mistake — acrylic is water-based paint after all. For best results you should probably start your Camo mural from the top and work your way down.

Of course you don’t have to go to that degree to decorate a camouflage bedroom, you could add posters on the wall instead if you’d like, and even use mosquito netting and OD green cotton fabric on the windows as drapes.

Your imagination and creativity are your only limit here when creating a camouflage bedroom for your son, your daughter, or yes even yourself.