Build Your Fence Part 2

Now that you’ve lined up the string for setting your posts, it’s time to get digging. Typically you want to go 18-24 inches down into the ground. If you don’t dig far enough your posts will lean or topple over in time. Make sure you use concrete, people often try to skimp by and just fill the dirt back in the fence will assuredly fall over given enough time.

Once the posts are set in concrete, it’s time to let them set over 24 hours. If you don’t let them properly cure you may get each post off line and throw off your nice new fence. After the drying is done, its time to put up the 2×4’s and the fence boards. Cut each 2×4 to 8 feet and put on a top and bottom rail at a minimum. After that you can put on your fence boards and can even throw up some custom lattice if you like the look.

Many people like post caps as it adds a nice look to the fence rather than leaving a naked post. Now that you’ve built your fence, I’m sure all your neighbor’s will want you to do the same for them!