What’s so great about buckwheat hull pillows anyway?

Buckwheat hull pillows have become really popular these days, even thought buckwheat hulls have actually been used for pillows in Asia for over 600 years.

Some people have actually called the buckwheat pillows a ‘miracle pillow’. Buckwheat hulls are actually the husks that protect the buckwheat kernel while it’s growing.

The hulls are carefully cleaned so no buckwheat flour or residue remains on the husks.

A buckwheat pillow:

•relieves headaches  •relieves lower back pain  •helps reduce snoring   •lessens stress   •helps people sleep better

Some other benefits of these pillows:

•They conform to a person’s head and neck exactly-unlike some other types of pillows that try to retain their own shape.

•They can be put into freezer for cold therapy if needed. NEVER put them in a microwave though- it’s not safe.

•They are naturally allergy-free pillows because they are actually fruit husks, not fiber like most people would think. They don’t outgas any fumes like foam or latex pillows might. They don’t attract dust mites or other critters.

•Buckwheat pillows will last from 10-15 years and actually get smoother and better as time goes because the hulls are polishing themselves as the pillow is used.

While it might be a bit difficult to find a good quality buckwheat pillow in your local retail outlets, it’s really easy to find a nice one online-with some nice deals to be had also.