Boys bedding: match his world with bedding tough enough to keep up with him!

Boys bedding can be so much fun to select, because boys love so many interesting things. “Snips and snails and puppy dog tails” is the old nursery rhyme about little boys- and their bedding choices will not be far from these topics.

Why not let him help pick what he’d like in his bedroom? You could make it fun for him right there at the computer. Sure beats driving all over town, trying to find parking and all, right..?  In fact, lots of boys want bedding with puppies as the theme.

Horses seem to be another favorite. Outer space, fire trucks, cartoon characters, horses, cowboys, and the like are also very popular bed linen themes for boys.

An easy and inexpensive way to make your boys happy with bedding selections is to purchase a basic blue spread for the bed and then add sheets with the boys choices of themes.

Most bedding that will appeal to boys will have at least some blue in the patterns and will mix well with bedding covers that have a basic blue somewhere in the fabric. Then you don’t have to purchase a variety of comforters, blankets or spreads that carry the same design.

Obviously, buying entire bedding sets along the same boys designs and providing them a variety of selections, so their beds change periodically, can become quite expensive. Mix and match bedding for boys can be another solution. Select solid sheets and choose a wide selection of popular boys pillow cases to match the bedding. This allows the decor to change often enough without a great deal of expense.

After all, with young boys, the pillow case needs changed most often since they are likely to get it dirty first. They seem to really like getting those dirty alot!

Use your imagination when choosing bedding for boys. The options are virtually endless. Almost every movie character, cartoon character, super hero, and pet or animal they may love will be easily located. Most of the bed linens made for boys these days will be made of 100% cotton.

Look for thread counts of 175 to 200 or so for the best combination of softness and durability so that your bed linen will stand up to frequent washings. You could also add some nifty additional accessories for their bedrooms too, if you wanted.

Many of the online retailers today offer neat complete set-ups. You could add: an area rug, a lamp with matching shade, maybe some nice posters, action figures, wall borders, and even window treatments like a valance. What else could a little guy need for his new bedroom where he can just play and dream, and let his imagination soar.