Boys Bedding – Skull and Cross Bones Bedding

This is one of my favorite pirate bedding collections for boys so far.  It’s offered by CompanyKids, and is really cute but rough and tumble at the same time to match your favorite little boys personality.

There are white skull and cross bones, some with red skull caps on a dark blue background.  Perfect for that little swashbuckler pirate of yours. You can get the flat and fitted sheets in all of the standard bed sizes from twin to full and queen, which is really nice.

Your pillow case will fit a standard size pillow, and you can buy more if you need them.  Pick your comforter cover, which matches the print of the rest of the bedding, and you’re basically good to go.  I almost forgot that you can get everything here except the fitted sheets monogrammed for your boy.

If you’d like to go little further in decorating your boys bedroom, you could opt to get the dark and light blue striped quilt with the red trim and skull and cross bones in the center with “shiver me timbers” added for that extra pirate touch.

That quilt’s available in twin 66 x 86 inches… full/queen size at 86 x 96 inches, and can be monogrammed as well.  You could then add an extra pillow sham or 2 — in case you weren’t sure, a sham is just a fancy way of saying decorative pillow case.  In this pirate bedding set for boys, it will match the color scheme of your quilt that I just described.  Note that these pillowcases can also be monogrammed.

If you wanted to you could get a coordinating Pirate Adirondack Chair, a matching area rug, a Pirate Island Wall Mural, or, how about a really cute dark blue terrycloth bath robe with matching skull and cross bones on it…?

You shouldn’t be limited by just what a company offers to complete your boys pirate bedding theme with no problems.

You could add some of his favorite pirate — type toys or even a couple of nice posters, framed if you want to get really fancy.  Your only limit is your imagination, creativity and budget of course.  Why not have him help you and have some fun at the same time!

Your little boy would probably get a big kick out of the bedding set like this I would imagine.