Body pillows help align your back for better sleep

Body pillows are becoming really popular these days with lots of people that have some lower back or leg pain while they are sleeping. And it’s easy to find a great deal on them when shopping online.

I personally love them, because my legs used to hurt while sleeping on my side. Now that I use a body pillow, I sleep much better without the pain. This pillow just lets me get into the most comfortable position and supports me through the night.

Lots of physical therapists, doctors and chiropractors are also recommending that people give body pillows a try. Women who are pregnant have trouble sometimes finding any position at all that is comfortable to sleep in, and body pillows help them with lower back support.

Folks also find relief using them when recovering from surgery. They just allow us to be in the most comfortable position.

There are a few different types of body pillows, some of the most popular are:

The basic, long rectangular shape, usually 52″ or longer, normally with polyester fill.

The luxury versions of these body pillows are filled with down and feather combinations. The L- shape is great for lots of different positions, and usually comes with polyester fill. It’s like 2 pillows in one.

The U-shape body pillow, is essentially, an overstuffed tube that’s long enough for you to fold it in half and then cradle yourself in the middle. Also normally filled with polyester fill. So if you’re looking to find just the right body pillow to help you get a better night’s sleep, then you’re sure to find a great deal online. No muss, no fuss. And even delivered right to your door!