Body pillows-for blissful full body support

As a traditional pillow is designed to align your head and neck correctly for proper sleeping, a body pillow is a oversize and overlength pillow designed to align the rest of your spine.

Do you sleep on your side and still wake up with lower back, or knee pain..?  This is because your entire body is out of alignment at night, so using a body pillow will provide instant relief, resulting in better, deeper sleep. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, feel happier and be more productive.

I can guarantee this personally because I experienced the same results. I use my body pillow between my knees while sleeping on my side, and it sort of stays with me no matter what position I find myself in, or even when I turn over to the other side.

I was so amazed at how much better I slept that now I wouldn’t consider going to bed without my body pillow.
These pillows are also called pregnancy pillows, incidentally, because expectant mothers really find relief as their pregnancy goes along.
You’ll find them filled with everything from hypoallergenic synthetic down, to cotton or polyester and even real feather and down. I would personally stay away from polyester fill — you might find it retains body heat a little too much for comfort.  I would go with either a synthetic down or cotton, which will allow the entire pillow to breathe and release moisture and heat so it keeps you cooler and more comfortable at night.
You’ll find the shells, or outer covering, are most commonly made of cotton, though some of the less expensive body pillow choices will be made of polyester and their blends.  Again, I would tend to stay away from polyester in this case, you’ll find that your pillow cases will hold on to body oils, odors and heat– and no one wants that.

Make sure you have three or more pillow cases for these so there’s always a fresh one on the pillow, one in your linen closet, and the other can be in the laundry. 100% pure cotton thread counts of below 180 will tend to wear out quicker and get noticeably thinner after a while, while thread counts of 220 and above will feel more substantial, will feel more luxurious under your skin, stand up to washings better and actually get softer with washings.