Some ideas on how to find the perfect blanket bedding

When you’re looking into blanket bedding, it can get a bit confusing because of all of the possibilities out there. This little guide will help you figure out just what you need.

Blankets are just one of those essential elements of a well designed bedroom that add not just functionality but also color and style too! Let’s break it into basically the natural fiber blankets and then the synthetic blankets.

Here’s some of the most popular natural types of blanket bedding:

Cotton and their blends… are really popular blankets because they are so comfortable and versatile. They allow the body to ‘breathe’ and are easy to care for as well as durable.

These are great choices for blankets for beds when you just need a bit of extra warmth to be cozy.

Some of the most popular types of cotton blankets and their designs to look for are:

Egyptian cotton, which is world famous for it’s long fibers and resulting softness and strength. The ultimate luxury blanket.

Pima and Supima cotton makes incredibly soft blankets- almost the same quality as Egyptian cotton, grown in the US. This cotton also makes a gorgeous blanket that makes a luxurious statement on your bed.

Traditional cotton cellular blankets- Very popular bed blankets, most made in the UK. They’re perfect for any time of the year, have an open weave that allows for more circulation of air. Available in a full range of complimentary colors.

Herringbone-a classic look that comes in many soft, solid colors that compliment your bedroom design. Another traditional favorite natural fiber:

Wool.. superior fiber for warmth. It allows the body to ‘breathe’ and wicks away moisture from your body. Keeps the cold out and the warmth in, so wool is a great choice for colder climates. For widely regarded as the best in wool blankets, look for Merino. You’ll enjoy a wide choice of solid colors for these blankets.

Then you’ll have the synthetic blankets category, which offer really great softness and warmth, PLUS a huge variety of dense, lush colors to go with about anyone’s bedroom decor.

Some of the most popular types of synthetic blankets for beds are:

Fleece (which can fall into either category) can be made of natural fiber like 100% cotton OR blended with polyester, acrylic or other materials for a really soft blanket that is beautiful, warm and durable.

These blankets are easy to care for, and won’t ‘pill’ or form small balls from loose fibers after repeated washings. Very popular for baby blankets and kids blankets too! These fleece blankets come in a huge variety of colors and patterns that will fit any bedroom design. One of my very favorite blankets in the world!

Electric blankets, also called warming blankets, are great for colder climates because you can adjust the temperature to perfectly suit your needs. The new electric blankets are safer than the old heavy ones you may know about. They have a kind of conductive tape inside that provide even heat, with less weight and no wires! Now you can have that perfect night’s rest with warmth and no worry.

Acrylic blankets, very popular because of how incredibly soft and warm they are. They’re more economical than other types of warmer style blankets like wool. They’re allergy-free! Easy to care for, just pop them in the washer. Acrylic is a synthetic material that is perfectly suited for blankets, and it’s typically combined with some other materials to create different styles of blanket, like:


I hope that I’ve helped you sort through all the blanket options here! =)