Benefits to a Fake Grass Lawn

Is Fake Grass Really Better than Natural?

What are the benefits to a fake grass lawn? If you live in on of the many drought areas in the country you might think that not having o water it was the main benefit. That is one of the many benefits of fake grass over natural grass. You can save fifty five gallons of water for every square foot of grass per year. Saving water for other more important things. With some areas facing water rationing his is an important consideration. The water savings alone, usually pay for a fake grass lawn.

There are other benefits to fake grass. It does not need to be fertilized. It does not require any chemicals at all. No fertilizers, or pesticides are ever needed to keep a lawn of fake grass beautiful ad green. The lack of chemicals make it environmentally friendly. When pesticides and other chemicals are applied to natural grass they sink into the ground water.

Having a yard of fake grass will save you time. The average person spends 40 hours a year keeping a natural beautiful. That’s basically an extra week of work every year. The time you save by not having to mow, trim, rake or weed can be spent doing fun stuff with your friends and family. Spending time outside having fun. Have a cook out, play sports, sit and visit. You can finally start to enjoy your lawn.

You might be thinking, that sounds great but does it really look like grass? The answer is a resounding yes. Synthetic turf has come a long way from the stuff they use to put on football fields. A high quality lawn of synthetic grass is laid over a base of gravel and rubber rock. It is soft like natural grass. It can be planted with trees and shrubs to enhance your total landscape. Trees will actually grow better since synthetic grass drains better than natural grass, and there will be no bare spots.

A lush, beautiful, synthetic lawn will save you time and money. You can spend your weekends relaxing in your yard, not working. Lay in the grass and look at clouds, while the hum of your neighbors mowing, again, reminds you how smart you are. If you ever truly miss yard work, you can buy some flower boxes and plant flowers. After all, you would not want your neighbors to get too jealous, or do you?