Bedding for boy’s bedroom: a universe of possibility

Okay- you’ve got an tough and active little guy and you’re looking into getting some boys bedding for him.

What sort of activities does he like? Is he really into sports, superheroes, camping, trucks and cars, maybe space exploration?

Getting something that goes with what he loves will really make him love his bedroom and probably even help him sleep better.

The good news is that no matter what he likes, you’ll find something perfect for him online. The prices are pretty competitive too. No matter what designs or themes you pick for your boy’s bedding, there are some features that will be common:

Bedding for boys will normally be made from cotton, polyester and their blends so they will stand up to some tough use and look great through many washings.

You’ll find anything you need separately of course, like: bed sheets-flat and fitted…..pillowcases, pillows and accent pillows….comforters, quilts or blankets

But if you’d rather, you can get boy bedding in sets that will meet most of your needs. A real timesaver!

And of course, everything will match or coordinate. If he’s still a toddler, you can get toddler bedding sets for boys with neat themes like race cars…with the bed even shaped like a car!

Those sets, and most bedding sets that are made for older boys will also have:

•flat and fitted sheets- with thread counts of about 175 or more, so they’ll be durable and soft, easy care. •comforter- sometimes reversible. Normally made with polyester and cotton shell with poly fill for warmth and easy care.

•pillowcase or 2, depending on size of the bed.

Optional bedding accessories may include things like:

•window treatments or curtains •area rugs •lamp shades •light switch covers •wall border decorations •toy chests

This way you can get everything you need in one easy step and create a wonderful bedroom for that boy of yours!