Bedding comforters

You have lots of options when looking for bedding comforters that’ll make your bed comfy. The comforter is one of the very first things that we’ll notice when going into the bedroom. It can dress up your bed and make everything look inviting, especially when we invest a little bit of time in picking out the right kind of bedding comforters for our needs.

What are some things that we should know about comforters? There are lots of different kinds of comforters available, some of the more popular kinds are: polyester…cotton…down…silk.

Polyester comforters, and sometimes blends with cotton, are hugely popular because they are economical, warm and lightweight. You’ll be thrilled at the huge range of colors, prints and styles that they come in. You’re guaranteed to find a comforter that matches or compliments any bedroom decor! They’re good for anyone in the family of course, but even better for rugged little kids and teens that tend to be a bit tough on their bedding. Most of the polyester comforters can easily be machine washed, but double check because some of them are dry clean only. Some people with severe allergies shouldn’t use these comforters.

They don’t let moisture escape, so they can feel clammy or stuffy sometimes though. Now, there’s a new polyester fill for comforters call Quallofil® that is a high loft material that is supposed to be allergy free and breathes like natural materials. It will start to become more widely available.

Cotton comforters They’re economical, comfy and warm. They let your body breathe, so you can sleep more comfortably. Look for thread counts of right at around 180 or more for the outer shell, so you’ll be sure that it’s sturdy and durable. If you don’t want to worry about thread counts and all, no worries, just get yourself a nice quality comforter cover and you’ll love the bright new look you get!

You’ll find cotton comforters available in lots of different designs, colors and styles- some of the more popular themes: woodland…wildlife and also solid colors like: eggshell…navy….green

Something to match anyone’s bedroom decor!

Down comforters Are traditional bedding at the top of the list when you live in colder climate. Nothing will warm and comfort you like covers filled with fluffy feathers and down. Goose down is one of the more popular fills, and comes from their little insulating tufts of feathers from the undercoats-so you know that a comforter or other bed covering made from down HAVE to be wonderfully comfy and toasty.

You can pick these types of comforters from various weights, according to fill power, or how many ounces of down are actually inside the comforter. The higher the number, the warmer your comforter will be. Dry cleaning only done by a pro. Won’t be needed very often, maybe every 4-5 years with proper care and of course a quality comforter cover. Look for numbers to be in this range. The number means how many cubic inches of space the down will take up. The more fill and loft, the more air it will trap, and the warmer your comforter will be.

close to 600 is respectable.

close to 700 is even better.

700 and up is considered the best, with 800 or more being very rare and expensive- Heavy duty warmth. Look for ‘baffle box construction’ or words with ‘baffle’ in the comforter description. This means that the comforter will have an internal layer of fabric that holds the down in place inside the box design for maximum loft. It also keeps the down from shifting around and forming lumps.

If the comforter doesn’t say use these terms, then chances are that it is sewn through, which is more economic, but also possibly not as well made. The down may shift, and your comforter may lose loft, meaning the down will over time not stand up like it did at first, meaning the down will lose insulation and not be as warm and comfortable.

And then you have the silk comforters, which have come really into their own as an alternative to down bedding. They used to be reserved as luxury bedding for the wealthy ruling class in Asia, but now these comforters can be in anyone’s bedroom! They are very lightweight, are allergy-free and are even warmer than medium weight down comforters according to people that love them. Because it’s a natural fabric, it allows your body to breathe just like the other comforters made of cotton and down. Normally they’ll come in white or eggshell, so you’ll need a comforter cover for this gorgeous bedding.

They will also need to be professionally dry-cleaned periodically to keep them clean and comfortable.