Bed sheets don’t have to be just white anymore!

Bed sheets are something everyone has to have, no matter the size of your bed. Sheets are just one of those necessities of life, but that doesn’t mean that your selections have to be boring!

When selecting sheets for your bed, first be certain of your bed size. A quick measurement can save you alot of time and frustration. Is your bed a pillow top or extra thick or even one on which you have placed a feather bed topper or memory foam topper?

If so, you need sheets that are deep pocket for the fitted sheets or your bed will be extremely difficult to dress and the sheets will slip off the in night.

If you want the softest feel possible, consider shopping for higher thread counts in your sheets. Consider Egyptian cotton sheets for added softness, as opposed to cotton and synthetic blends that have polyester.

Yes, they might wrinkle less than 100% cotton, but you’ll probably be less cool and comfortable. Look for thread counts of around 200 for a good quality bed sheet for daily use and want a nice, cool sheet. Consider going for higher thread counts of 300 to 400 if you really want some sumptuous sleep!

100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets will cost more, but will only get softer and softer over time and will last for years. If you’re purchasing sheets for a guest bed, perhaps you can skimp a little bit on thread count to save a few dollars, but for sheets you sleep on every night, spend the extra money and sleep in a bed that refreshes and invigorates you.

Beds should not be boring! Mix and match colors and designs. Surprisingly, checks can mix with stripes in sheets. Florals can go well with plaids when mixing sheets if you choose the right color mixture.

You’ll find sheets in other fabrics like linen, silk and satin too, in colors that will wow you! How about deep purple or peach to spice up your bedroom decor..? Just check out some of the designer sheets and you will see how they use different colors and patterns to create a nice decorating scheme without using boring solids all the time! You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll sleep too!