Bed Rest Pillows

Bed Rest Pillows for the rest you need

A bed rest pillow is just the thing if you love to read in bed before sleep or if your doctor has told you to get some well deserved or needed rest in bed. These pillows provide a comfy, soft back rest to allow you to sit up in your bed easily and without propping loads of pillows which create a lumpy mess!

Bed rest pillows are available in a number of styles and shapes. The traditional wedge pillow is one type of pillow used for bed rest and reading. It holds the shoulders and head at a comfortable angle, but not as straight up as if you were sitting in a chair.

This type of pillow is sometimes used by people with acid reflux problems to ensure that no stomach acid causes heartburn. The wedge can be turned at different angles to provide more height to the back position or less if you want to nap against your pillow.

Another style of pillow used for bed rest is the bed lounge pillow. These pillows usually have a back rest much like a chair and arms that curve around the body.

This type of pillow allows the person on bed rest to sit more upright. It is seldom used when napping or sleeping; it is only mean for sitting up in bed while eating or reading. These pillows allow the bed rest patient or the person who loves to lounge in bed comfort and support making them much more comfortable then a pile of bed pillows! Many people keep one of these by the sofa for reclining while watching television.

These pillows for bed rest can be found in many different cover materials and fabrics that will fit any bedroom. Every possible color you can imagine can be found covering a pillow for someone who needs bed rest. Corduroy is a common covering material because it is so durable and study. However, denim, velour, cottons and other fabrics can be found as well.

Some bed rest wedge pillows have zip-off covering allowing the cover to be machine washed. This can be important when selecting a pillow for a person who is bed ridden where the pillow will get daily use. Most of the bed rest lounging pillows are upholstered and require upholstery cleaning. The choice is up to you and how your family will use the pillow for bed rest or lounging.