Ease and convenience with bed bags

Bed bags are a complete, coordinated bedding set with everything you need for a fully made-up bed in a single purchase, (that comes in a bag) thus the name: bed bag.  =)

We spend much more time in our bedrooms now, reading, watching TV, and just relaxing, so it’s more important for the decor to look and feel great. With these cool bed linen sets, we can get an awesome look without spending a fortune, but it’ll look like we did!

They’ll also match any decor, so you’re sure to find something to match your style perfectly!

They range from four pieces on up, with various bed linens, blankets, duvets and covers.

The standard, basic bed in a bag package includes:

  • Comforter, sometimes reversible. They have such cool designs on each side so that   you just flip it for a brand new, fresh look. Talk about value!
  • Bed skirt
  • pillow sham (s)
  • Bed linens with appropriate number of pillowcases. Usually theses linens have nice, higher thread counts of about 200 or more, and the better fitted sheets should have elastic all the way around the bottom for a secure fit.

The more exclusive bed in a bag sets can even include:

  • Drapes
  • Coordinating decorative pillows
  • Neck roll pillows

These bedding sets come in different materials that can vary, like satin and cotton, and any number of different blends. Cotton is probably the most popular because it’s usually so easy to care for.
They come in all standard bed sizes from twin, full, double, and queen, to king and even Californian king size.

No matter the style or mood you are looking at for your next bedroom decor change, shopping for bedding this way is just plain fun!
If you’re interested in giving your room more of a plush look, maybe try rich geometric prints or floral designs with lush hues of reds, plums, blacks, blues, or violets blended well with soft finished and trimmed fabric. This can complete a striking look for your bedroom.

Or to let the sun shine brightly for a cheerfully refreshing start to your day, give your bed a vibrant look with a bed in a bag consisting of more soft colored fabrics that come in endless prints and styles, with warm hues of greens, pinks, yellows, oranges, And of course beiges, whites and eggshell.

They are really an ideal choice for just about anyone who wants their bedroom to have a crisp fresh look without worrying too much about matching stuff, because it’s all done in one package for you. Pretty neat!

And it’s all brought right to your door with a smile when you do your shopping online. How easy is that!