Bed bags – modern bedroom decor options

There are many people for whom decorating a home is as easy as falling off a log. Coordinating sheets with carpet, accent pillows and comforter is a breeze for these people. Then there’s everybody else, including yours truly. The accent pillow impaired majority.The ones who need a firm, guiding hand so that what should be the most relaxing room in the house doesn’t turn into something out of “Flea Markets R Us”.

The bedding industry has taken pity on those of us without the ability to coordinate. Virtually every major bedding company has some type of “bedding in a bag”  where you can buy everything you could possibly need to decorate your bed and even bedroom in one convenient, professionally matched package. And that package even comes with a handle too!

Bed in a Bag packages range from very simple to extremely elegant. You can find one with just a comforter, top and bottom sheet and pillow case(s), or you can find one with all that plus pillow shams, square, round and rolled accent pillows and a bed skirt to boot.

For thos of you who are convinced that these bed bags come only with polyester sheets, think again. That may have been the case years ago, but no longer. Alot of people don’t realize just how nice these sets can really be now a days and see them as sort of a lazy choice. But hey, some of us want the job of making a bedroom look awesome to be a bit easier to deal with.

The fanciness of the bed bag set you choose will depend on who it’s likely to be for. No one is likely to purchase a set with multiple accent pillows, silk trim and 800 thread count sheets for a boy heading off to college. The sets typically start at a basic 200 thread count (TC) with minimal pieces and basic patterns, such as wide stripes or monochromatic hues.

Although 250 TC is a fairly common sheet quality in bed bag sets, even for higher end sets, some manufacturers like Egyptian Cotton, feature offerings in the 1000 TC range, and even complete with satin trimmed comforters and plush, overstuffed accent pillows. These sets will be more likely to have intricate patterns on the outer pieces, and the trimming will be beautifully detailed. Tassles, fringe, accent buttons and extra quilting are likelier on these pieces.

Whether you are looking for a simple, utilitarian look for a neatly made bed or if you are hoping to turn that extra bedroom into a showcase with an elaborate array of colors, textures and pillows, there is a bed in a bag set for virtually every taste and budget. Department store brands, such as the Martha Stewart line, are likely to offer a wide variety in terms of look and price. You can be assured of finding quality bedding for competitive prices. As with anything in life, the more money you spend, the more frills you get.