Bassinet Strollers For Perfect Mobility

Bassinet strollers are portable bassinets with wheels, in which you can take a new born from one to the other inside the house or around. The wheels make it perfectly portable and fit for travel. Most of the designs can be flat packed and stowed into a bag.

You can consider buying a Bassinet stroller instead of a normal one if you plan to take out the baby quite often. This means your baby can sleep or rest in a familiar comfortable environment away from home. It is handy for holidays and while visiting friends and relatives.

These days designs are available to have a double strollers where two babies can be placed at a time. Twin Bassinet strollers are perfect for carrying the twins. You can choose the type of the bassinet depending on your need. You may buy folding Bassinet strollers made of lightweight hard wearing polyester, which will be cheaper and handy.

However the lining and mattress are made of cotton. This is lightweight and easy to clean. It provides the comfort to the kid and can be used till the baby can sit unassisted. It also provides a clean and cozy environment. A mesh cover can work as mosquito net which will protect the baby from pests and insects.

The conventional Bassinet stroller is with basket in a wooden or strong polymeric frame, which folds flat and can be constructed quickly when needed. It may come in a travel bag with handles for carrying it easily. Otherwise it fits easily into the boot of a car.

The stroller can come with a hood which cuts the harsh sunlight to give a cool, cozy interior. These baby bassinet strollers may be fitted with bumpers to provide more comfort and safety. It often comes with a toy tidy or detachable toy flaps, which keeps the kid entertained.

The storage space provided under the basket is quite helpful for keeping all the necessities. You cal always include a bassinet skirt which hides the storing tray and imparts an elegant look to the stroller.

While buying a baby Bassinet stroller, check for the stability of the frame. The wheels should be perfectly aligned, and with a secured, child proof, locking mechanism. If it is with a detachable hood, the lock should be tested.

The decorating paint or finish should be non toxic and lead free. The paint should not peel off easily and should be covered with soft padding. Remove soft, loose bedding and fluffy pillows, which are suffocation hazards.

The cotton used for the mattress and bedding of the bassinet should be safe and hygienic. The fabric should also be flame resistant. Watch out for any protrusions that a child’s clothing could snag on, risking strangulation.