Backrest pillows – more than just an ordinary pillow

What a relief to your back! Finally a way to get support for your spine and posture with these portable and versatile pillows. These ergonomically designed patented pillows are built with high-grade density foam that support your lower back shoulders arms and neck — everywhere you need it.

No matter if you’re reading, are recovering from surgery, are pregnant, a gamer, out camping, just relaxing, watching TV or working on your laptop these back rest pillows are something lots of us just can’t live without anymore.

I found my first backrest pillow at the mall when it was on sale and decided to give it a try. It was a no name brand which didn’t bother me at the time, but after a couple of months it just didn’t support me the way it did when it was new — I think it was just mediocre density foam inside that eventually just couldn’t stand up to the daily use it was getting.

I just started looking into getting one of these pillows again and didn’t want to make that same mistake. So as I did little research online I found that one of the brand names, Bedlounge, looked like it made a pretty decent product. They offer a two month trial, they seem to have all the bases covered as far as adjustability and sizes.

Taller people need a bigger backrest pillow and they offer these options. They are made pretty differently than the inferior pillows. They’re put on a solid framework and use supportive high density foam and fiber layers and then add soft feather and down material on top of that. And yes you can get a hypoallergenic version too.

You can even adjust the head rest up to a foot up or down which is a cool feature. They make six different shades of slip covers for these back rest pillows that will go with any decor pretty nicely. They’re made of cotton or fleece and have built-in pockets so you can stick your remote control, or your books and magazines right in there.

At the time of this writing they cost about 130 US which seems a tiny bit steep until you consider the relief and the comfort you’ll get if you use them on a regular basis.  Might not be a bad idea to take them up on their trial offer — I might just do that.