Baby Pillows- Cute But Maybe Dangerous

Pint-size pillows are absolutely cute but beware, you may be putting your child under the age of two at risk of suffocation if you use one.  Babies heads are proportionately larger and the neck muscles are often times two week for babies to pick themselves up should they get uncomfortable and unable to breathe.

If for some reason you feel as though your baby will sleep better or be more comfortable through the night why not try putting that pillow underneath the crib mattress itself so that the whole thing is just a little bit elevated, but yet there’s no way for the child to get stuck up against the edge of a pillow and suffocate himself.

After the child turns two years old you may begin noticing that they find their own improvised versions of pillows like a stuffed toy for instance.  This may be a sign that your little one is ready for baby pillow.

I would go with a flat small version of the adult bed pillow to avoid stiff necks, headaches grouchiness and more importantly possible injury.  You might do well by selecting some sort of hypoallergenic fill for that baby or toddler pillow, like spun polyester.  Why not just go for a fluffy down and feather pillow like the ones we adults love?

You’ll avoid feathers poking out of the pillowcases for one, and secondly these types of pillows may be a little bit too soft.  Opt for something a little more firm like the polyester version and your child will be just as comfortable and snuggled but much more safe at the same time. And hey there’s no reason why you can’t get a really awesome colorful and delightful toddler sized pillow for your child once you have a safety issues addressed.