Baby Morgan Blankets

Baby Morgan blankets are exceptionally soft and cozy thermal knit blankets bound with two inches of nylon satin. Created by the J.E. Morgan Knitting Mills, a private subsidiary of Sara Lee, located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, these blankets were readily available for many years. In 2003, however, the J.E. Morgan Knitting Mills ceased operations.

Because Baby Morgan blankets are still so popular, they are often referred to as rare or vintage. They are quickly becoming a hard to find item, but once you locate and buy a Baby Morgan blanket, you will immediately see why they are so sought after. In fact, you may well remember an especially soft blanket from your own childhood; it might well have been a Baby Morgan.

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Baby Morgan blankets are an extremely soft thermal knit, making them warm as well as cuddly. All four sides are bound with nylon satin-like fabric, giving them a touch of elegance. Many of the Baby Morgan receiving blankets were monogrammed or embroidered with teddy bears or other cute baby themes. Often, these blankets became the security blanket of choice of small children due to the soft feel against their tender skin.

Today, many people are turning to Bright Future baby blankets because the Baby Morgan blanket production was sold to Bright Future. The Bright Future blankets are virtually the same as Baby Morgan blankets and can be easily located.

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If you want a Baby Morgan blanket, the genuine original, you can still find these all natural products. Made of 100% brushed acrylic, you’ll find crib blankets which measure 36 inches by 50 inches or mini receiving blankets which measure 18 inches by 20 inches. The mini Baby Morgan blankets are perfect for wrapping a newborn in during feeding or playtime. The smaller size also makes a great stroller or car seat blanket for chilly fall and winter trips outdoors.

You’ll find lovely pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow, aqua, lavender, and of course, white. Bright Future blankets have added my personal favorite sage to the color choices.

​No matter whether you buy an original Baby Morgan blanket or a Bright Future blanket, you’ll find that each is made to last through many, many launderings. The blankets are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low as long as the blanket is removed from the dryer promptly. Never leave any baby blankets in the

​dryer too long or dry them on higher heat settings because this can cause bindings or blanket material to shrink or wrinkle. In fact, many mothers prefer to line dry their baby blankets and then place them in the dryer for only a few minutes to soften and fluff them.

If you’re looking for a great shower gift for a mother-to-be, a gift for a newborn, a christening gift, or just want to stock the nursery for your own child, don’t miss out on these fantastic baby blankets. The Baby Morgan blankets and Bright Future blankets have stood the test of time, ensuring you that, like millions before you, that the blankets are top quality. Add a monogram, birth date, baby’s name, or an animal image to customize the blanket if you wish for a lasting momento.