Baby Girl Bedding Gets a Whole New Look

Nothing is more exciting to a parent, than a brand new baby. You read all the books, got the proper exercise and took all the prenatal vitamins. You have spent days, or even weeks, picking out the perfect name. Most new mothers will have the hospital bag packed weeks before the due date. All of these are necessary steps, in physically getting ready for the baby. But the real fun, is decorating the nursery. While deciding on a theme for the nursery, you may be surprised to find that baby girl bedding has changed over the years.

Traditional colors for a baby girl have always been pastel pink and white. Today, that has changed, as baby girl bedding comes in many colors and patterns. One of the hottest trends right now, is chocolate brown trimmed with pink. This combination is showing up in many nursery themes. Another popular choice is lime green, baby pink and brown. You can find these colors in sets with polka-dots and stripes, this is a fun look.

The colors are not the only thing to change in baby girl bedding sets. Theme sets are more modern and varied than just the standard princess room. There are nursery sets featuring bold colors and geometric designs. These colors and shapes are great for the development of the growing infant’s mind and can be used as a learning tool later on. Baby girl nurseries can be decorated for little cowgirls in a western theme. Or encourage the little explorer and try jungle decorations.

Baby girl bedding is not just sheets and blankets anymore. Once you pick a theme, be sure to set a budget. Decorating a nursery can be simple and inexpensive or elaborate. Nursery sets today include all the accessories to match the crib sets. There are the bumper pads, diaper hangers and changing pads that can be found to match your theme. You can buy curtains, memory boards, picture frames and lampshades. One good accessory to buy is a musical mobile.

When decorating the nursery, paint and wallpaper first. Give the room plenty of time to air out before bringing the new baby home. Wash the sheets and blankets before putting them on the crib. This will make them softer and more comfortable for the little one to sleep on. When the baby sleeps better, mommy sleeps better.

Whatever theme, or color scheme, you decide on, have fun with it. If you are not sure where to start try the internet. Many great websites have ideas and sell baby girl bedding sets. Most of these sites will have the accessories to match. Take a little time to do some research and find the best deal on the nursery set you want.