Baby blankets: you can’t have just one!

Baby blankets are a just a necessity, and you can never have too many! For those of you shopping for the perfect baby blanket online, you’ll just be thrilled at having all the word to choose from. From a soft little fleece receiving blanket, to a large snuggly blanket in bright colors to place on the floor as baby begins to crawl and play, blankets are an important part of a baby’s life.

Sure, blue is for boys and pink is for girls, right? When choosing a blanket for baby, why limit yourself to those two choices? Babies love bright, happy colors, and moms love easy to clean fabrics.

Maybe choose a baby blanket with a nice animal pattern, or how about bright yellow or blue-maybe in fleece. That’s a big favorite with babies, because fleece is so snuggly!

You could go for a flannel blanket for winter- it’s practical and beautiful too. You’ll find those in all of the inviting, bright colors that you and the baby will love!

Select a colorfast material that won’t fade during the many times the blanket will be washed and one that will hold up through much wear and tear.

A traditional event for babies is a christening, and a christening blanket to mark the occasion would be a great gift for the family. If you are very close friends with the parents, you might inquire if they have an heirloom blanket to use for the christening, and if they don’t, provide an early christening gift with a gorgeous white christening blanket.

This treasure will be carefully placed away for use by the grandchild for christening when that time arrives. Another blanket for baby that is sure to be a hit is the monogrammed blanket. This could also be a great gift idea. You could select a soft, cuddly fleece blanket in a proper size for baby and have the baby’s name and perhaps a nice design added, such as a heart, butterfly, kitten or puppy in a contrasting thread.

The monogram could also be just the baby’s name and date of birth. A lot of well-known retailers online will be happy to do this for you, many times as part of your purchase price. If you select a blanket for baby as a shower or birth gift you will never hear the mother say “but I have too many of those already”.

There is simply no such thing. At any given time, one blanket will be on the baby bed, one on the sofa or near the sofa, one or two in the cars, one in the diaper bag and at least three or four in the wash – not to mention the ones that stay and grandma and grandpa’s house!

So just give in and have fun when shopping for those wonderful, colorful snuggly soft blankets online. =)