Baby bedding sets, used safely, helps you sleep better too!

If you are considering buying a baby bedding set for some parents-to-be, you might want to review some important safety information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

They recommend that babies under one year of age not have soft warm blankets, cute baby-sized comforters, fluffy pillows, and stuffed toys inside their cribs. If you are reading those baby safety recommendations for the first time, don’t worry!

There are still plenty of uses for a baby bedding set. Just never take for granted that the parents of the baby already know all important safety information. Please take the opportunity to remind them when you give them any bedding products.

A big, fluffy baby comforter is a suffocation risk in a crib. Outside the crib, it makes a great bedding surface to let the baby lay and crawl on the floor. It’s soft against baby’s skin, and it’s padded so the floor isn’t so hard.

Beautiful baby comforters that match a nursery theme are beautiful as wall hangings. It will tie in the bed sheet in the crib and the rest of the room. To hang your comforter, simply use a small quilt rack. You can also sew a couple of doubled over pieces of ribbon on each corner of the top of the comforter.

Bedding designed for babies is usually light enough to hang from ribbon pieces. Pillows that match a baby’s bedding are perfect on and around Mommy’s rocking chair. Late night feedings are made a little easier with a small pillow or two behind her back.

These bedding elements can also be used under the baby during breast feeding to prop him up in a better position on Mom’s lap. While a set of bedding for a nursery can’t be used while the baby sleeps in the crib, there are still a lot of great uses for each piece in the bed set.

The parents will definitely appreciate your gift, and when the baby gets older, he can use the entire bedding set. Any gift that can grow with a baby is a wonderful purchase!