Austin Fencing Class

When most people think of fencing they imagine sword fighting pirates. Or maybe a picture of Zorro from the movies is what they think of. Whatever you imagine fencing to be, you will probably be surprised to learn what it actually is. Fencing is a sport that takes both physical ability and mental prowess. If you are interested in learning the sport you should check out the many Austin fencing classes.

Fencing is an ancient sport that was likely invented in Egypt. It was one of the original nine sports that debuted at the first Olympic Games in Athens. Today, it is one of the original games still left, along with three others. It is starting to make a revival in many parts of the worlds. You can learn more about the history of the sport at one of the Austin fencing classes.

According to many fencers this sport could be considered physical chess. There are both physical skills and mental abilities needed. The physical part of the sport requires strength, coordination, balance, agility and timing. Many of these skills can be learned but some, like timing, are inherent. The sport of fencing also requires quick mental thinking. You need to be able to outthink and outmaneuver your opponent.

If you would like to practice these skills with other fencers, check out some of the Austin fencing clubs. A lot of these clubs are for members only. Occasionally they will open their doors to the public for tournaments and exhibitions. You could also check out the Texas Fencing Academy. They offer classes, equipment and information on local tournaments and events.

There are three levels to the sport of fencing. Each level is determined by the type of weapon used. Level one, where most people begin, uses foils. Level two uses a weapon called an epee. And the third level uses sabres. A fencer will need more than just a foil to start. There is protective gear to acquire too. You will need a fencing jacket, gloves and head gear.

If you are considering taking up the art of fencing take the time to do a little research first. If you live in Texas, there are many choices available. You can sign up for an Austin fencing class; join one of the many clubs or just go and see a tournament. Fencing can be a great sport for the whole family. Many classes are available for children, teens and adults. You can find classes for all skill levels too.

If you do not live in Texas, do not despair. Check your phone book or search the internet and you are sure to find classes in your area. Check with the local sporting goods stores. If they sell fencing supplies they are probably aware of clubs or tournaments that are going on locally. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, fencing too many is not just a sport but an art.