Asian bedding lets you travel exotic lands right on your own bed linen!

Asian bedding can add lush and exotic oriental flair to any bedroom decor. Your bedroom can feel like you’re right there bedding down along the silk road of the past, traveling to mysterious lands to trade your silks of every hue!

•Tribal Monsoon is one bedding name you should know. They create gorgeous Asian bedding of the highest quality.

•Their Maharaja’s Elephant line includes a bedspread that features elephants in gold and silk thread on a red or blue background. Reminiscent of the Mughal Empire, this hand embroidered bedding item is absolutely gorgeous. Priced at much less than the rich appearance indicates, this Asian spread will add interest to your Oriental bedding collection without a doubt!

•The Silk Road, again by Tribal Monsoon, features green-on-green, dark brown-on-dark brown, purple-on-purple or red-on-red silk embroidery lending a special richness to this duvet bedding that will wow your friends. Remshan silk embroidery by natives makes this bedding outstanding in quality and style. These duvets come in every common size to cover your best bedding as a protection that states elegance to the max.

•Mahatma Gandhi features the Asian Sunrise quilt set bedding, made from fabric made famous by Gandhi himself. This special cotton, called khaddar, is hand-loomed and not machine woven. When the natives decided to hold a non-violent protest because the British were supplying material for bedding creations from their machine-drive factories, the native began this tradition of hand-weaving material for bedding. These sets of bedding reflect this tradition. White with black embroidery makes this bedding choice particularly chic. The Asian region is well known for its spice trade and the colors of spices are reflected in the bedding known as “Fusion” from Western Bedding. In shades of spice, these jacquard print bedding items are striking, well made and unique in design. Bedding that looks modern yet has an Asian flair is the statement Fusion makes for your bedding collection.

•For bedding that fits in a red, black and white scheme, how about trying Asian Poppies. Depicting large red poppy flowers on a white background highlighted with black and grey borders, this Asian comforter is a great addition to your bedding. Whether used with white sheets, red, black or even grey, this bedding will create a striking room wherever it is used! Bamboo is always associated with all things Asian. Bamboo Brocade is a bedding line that’s lush and exotic! Gold on honey or gold and purple on amethyst make these Asian selections in bedding outstanding choices to set off an Asian room. No matter if you theme is entirely Asian or if you just want to add some bedding touches with the Asian theme, there are so many fine choices you simply won’t know which to go for! Some bed linen sets come complete with accessories such as draperies and shams for an incredible decor!