Are Your Sheets Sliding Off The Bed

There’s nothing that will drive you nuts more than when your sheets come off the bed- especially in the middle of the night when you are actually sleeping peacefully for once. Here is a nifty little guide for those of you who could use some help with this..short of nailing the bedsheets to the mattress that is.

Featherbeds or feather mattress toppers can sometimes tend to crawl across the bed. One solution is to place a tightly fitting fitted sheet over the mattress and then use “sheet straps” to ensure the sheet holds the mattress on top. Another means of preventing slippage of your bedding is to purchase a fully baffled featherbed which has the feathers contained in baffled sections, preventing feathers from crawling and moving inside the featherbed. This will prevent the mattress from moving from side to side or up and down for any except the most active sleeper.

This best way to stop silk and satin sheets from slipping is to purchase the finest quality sheets you can afford that are exactly the correct size. If you try to place silk or satin fitted sheets on a deep pocket mattress that are not made for that size mattress, your sheets will come off the mattress quickly.

Some of the best quality silk and satin sheets have extra material that fits underneath the mattress to prevent slippage. Other good quality silk and satin sheets have elastic all the way around the fitted sheet and this can help prevent slipping. You can also use sheet straps if you desire but be careful not to damage the delicate fabrics of your bed linens.