Are all the baby bedding choices out there just overwhelming?

Are all the baby bedding choices out there just overwhelming…?

I started thinking about this recently that may be there really could just be too many choices in the world of babys bedding for people to handle — especially when they are new parents for the first time.  I write a lot of baby bedding articles, and the available choices are pretty wild.
Should you get the jungle safari theme, the surf bedding theme, the butterfly garden theme or the pirate bedding for the nursery.  It doesn’t really have to be all that complicated though, when you start with the basics.

The reason why we’re setting up a nursery in the first place is for the baby to have a safe, clean and cozy environment to sleep.  So where do we go from there…

Assuming you have a well made crib you can really handle the rest fairly well.

Do you know the gender of the baby…?

If it’s a boy, some basic themes to consider for the nursery could be sports related which is very popular. Or cowboy themed bedding, very cute and also very popular for the little boys.

If it’s a girl, you could go for very frilly like pink rose bedding, or something less dainty but more playful like crib bedding with cheerful little monkeys.

If you don’t know the gender of the infant yet, you could go for a more neutral colors that work for either, like pastels in yellow green orange, along those lines.  You could then later personalize the nursery with any types of items that she wanted to more reflect the sex of the baby.

Once you’ve basically decided on a theme, then you can narrow it down according to Brand names if you’d like. Some of the more popular name brands for baby bedding are,

Olive Kids
Glenna Jean
Lambs and Ivy

These are but a few of the most popular names in bedding that you may want output on the top of your list when you’re ready to buy. They’ve established their reputations by making quality bedding with quality fabrics that are baby friendly, meaning soft and snuggly, durable and most importantly, safe.
Remember to check for the bedding of your choice to see if it’s available and in stock to be shipped right away.  You don’t want to choose items for your nursery that arrive way after your baby does… right…?

Other things you want to add to your nursery as you have time are:

A hamper if it didn’t come included in the bedding you bought.
A diaper stacker if it wasn’t included.
Maybe wall treatments like valance or drapes.
Music mobile to keep your little one entertained, assuming you didn’t order it as an optional accessory with the other bedding.
A night light.
A wall border if you want to get really fancy.
A couple of area rugs.
A comfy cozy chair… for when you want to spend quality quiet time getting to know your baby.

Then you can go crazy if you want an excess arise with anything and everything you can think of — your imagination and budget of course would be your only limits.

You could add switch plate covers, a lamp, toys, accent pillows, coordinating quilts or blankets could be hung on the wall, pictures or postcards could be framed and placed on shelves all to pull together the bedding theme of your choice that reflects your personality and your babies as well.

See, it doesn’t really have to be that difficult if you take one thing at a time and just enjoy the process.