Animal print comforters — for the bed that won’t be boring

Animals print comforters can be had in a nice array of selections, featuring everything from white tail deer, bears, leopards, zebras, and yes even sharks nowadays.  Let’s go over a few manufactured by well known brand name Kimlor. They are pretty famous for producing gorgeous designer bedding for the likes of Karin Maki.

Let’s start with the zebra print which is a bold striking black-and-white design that will get anyone’s attention. Perfect for anyone’s bedroom from kids to adults.  It’s available in twin full Queen and King sizes.

This comforter is easy care machine washable. If you think the black-and-white is just a bit too stark, or want something a little more feminine then you’ll be pleased to know that you can get this comforter in pink or purple.  How about that for a surprising change in animal prints for your comforters.

Another design with animal prints that I thought was really cute features giraffes.  This is a fun brown and beige bedding design that reminds you of an African safari and really adds an exotic flair to anyone’s bedroom.  This is available as a bed in a bag set in twin full Queen or King sizes.

Everything is machine washable which is convenient for today’s busy families.  No need to take everything to your dry cleaner.  Each set comes with not just the animal print comforter but a pillow sham according to the size of your bed set and a 14 inch drop bedskirt that coordinates the look of your new giraffes themed bedroom beautifully. You’ll also get a matching flat and fitted sheet to boot.

If you’d like to add more striking accessories to complete your bedroom, you could select from the coordinating drapes or window valance, decorator pillows or even a giraffes design shower curtain.  Now that’s something you don’t see every day.  You’ll be able to pull together a really cool animal design bedroom that’s fun, colorful and exotic.