Anachini Luxury Bed Linens

Anachini luxury bed linens are created with “enlighted luxury”, which is Anachini’s byline.

Today, everyone thinks that luxury bedding made of Egyptian cotton must have a high thread count to qualify as luxurious. Anachini proves this is not the case. Using 200 thread count to create Egyptian cotton percale, the softness and open weave allows your body to breathe rather being buried under dense bedding.

Anachini luxury bed linen in their Basic collection is comprised of solid color bed linens.

Airy, inviting colors in your choice of white, ivory, yellow, pink, blue, sea foam, camel and paprika make your bedroom so inviting. Every morning will feel like springtime when you awaken snuggled in your Anachini luxury linens.

Mix and match the colors to create a customized touch that is all your own. The fine Egyptian cotton will become softer and softer with each machine washing and will not pill or shrink. All Anachini Basic luxury bed linens are hem stitched in 100% cotton for the perfect finish.

The Ice Blue bed linen ensemble by Anachini is both elegant and classic. Egyptian cotton sateen created sheets in white and ice blue, a very, very pale blue. Mix and match these sheets with the crisp white Cachemi shams and coverlet. The Anachini Verona throw makes a perfect topping in celestial blue and ivory. The combination creates a feeling of cool breeze in any bedroom.

Luxe Truffle is a very sexy, romantic ensemble created by Anachini. These bed linens bring to mind the French Deco style. The luxury sheets feature double French flanges and are champagne in color. A walnut wool crepe coverlet lined with dark Canadian mink adds the finishing touches to this gorgeous bed linen ensemble that you and your spouse will both fall in love with immediately!

Anachini has so many luxury bed linens in their collection, you’ll simply have to see them for yourself. From elegant and understated to colorful and whimsical, Anachini has a set of luxury bed linens that are just right for your style and decor.