Ambient comfort pillows — a revolutionary way to sleep

I was so thrilled when I found these pillows, mattress toppers and blankets for my friend who has severe diabetes. Ambient comfort pillows are made with special materials to help keep increased oxygen levels in your blood while you’re sleeping.

The technology used in these pillows and subsequently other bedding items was originally developed at Loyola University in Chicago to help people with vascular and circulation problems like my friend with diabetes.

But now the same technology is being used by many other people that suffer from poor circulation, sleep apnea, aches and pains from overdoing exercise or are in the process of healing from wounds.

Clinical tests using these materials in clothing have proven that using this material can raise your blood oxygen levels by around 30%, which is delightful and encouraging to many people who are in pain and trying to stay more comfortable at night.

These pillows and other bedding like the comforters, blankets, mattress toppers pillowcases are of course 100% safe. There are available in the standard size, Queen and King also.  If you are purchasing an ambient comfort pillow, you’ll be happy to know that the shells are made of hypoallergenic cotton fabric, which remain cool and comfortable while you’re sleeping because they wake away moisture, unlike man-made fabrics like polyester.

Remember though, you’ll still need a nice pillowcase — actually get three.  One in the linen closet, one in the laundry and one for your bed of course. These wonderful pillows and other bedding also come with a manufacturer’s warranty as well. A beautiful, healthy, and healing pillow — simply wonderful.