Alternative down comforters – are they even better than traditional

Some people get irritated at the slightest hint that there could be anything better than the fluffy, luxurious, sumptuous feather and down comforters that they’ve become so used to on those chilly winter nights.

But there are some folks that are allergic to the feathers, down and other organic components of the traditionally loved down comforters of old. And trying to put this as delicately as possible, down comforters can after a time begin to harbor little beasties like dust mites and other contagions.

Not a very appealing choice for people that tend to get itchy at the mere thought of all of that in their bed with them. This is where alternative down comforters come in beautifully.

The fill is made of polyester fiber which is spun to be so fine and lofty that it is almost impossible to tell it from its traditional down comforter cousin.

The result is that you have a beautiful toasty warm bed comforter that is hypoallergenic, clean and frankly a healthier alternative. This wasn’t easy for me to say, believe me because I grew up sleeping on my grandmothers featherbed in Germany where some of the most beautiful down comforters have ever been produced.

You’ll also be thrilled to know that just because the fill of an alternative down comforter is made of polyester, that doesn’t necessarily apply to the shell. No, the shells of these comforters can be purchased with 100% cotton fabric. You can get luxury sateen in 300 to 400 thread count ranges if you like.

Talk about sleeping in luxury! With the old traditional comforters, you’d have to get a really tight weave for your shell to keep all the little feathers from eventually working their way out and poking you in the back.  But with your new alternative down this is no longer a concern — thankfully.