Alpaca blankets for luxurious warmth

Many people remain unaware of the beauty of alpaca blankets and other products — but those that do know about it cherished this incredible fiber for for its excellent qualities. It has an instantly recognizable lush appearance and is lighter, stronger and wears even better than wool and cashmere does.

Alpaca products like blankets are also more environmentally friendly because no harsh chemicals are used to process the fiber because it doesn’t contain any lanolin oils. It doesn’t shed either.

You may be surprised to know that alpaca fiber comes in many different colors just naturally, and takes to being dyed exceptionally well, keeping its colors bright and beautiful.

A lot of people don’t know that alpaca is naturally allergy free and doesn’t have the same bit of scratchiness that you’ll feel with most wool in products — except maybe merino wool that is.

Alpaca blankets are very easy to care for, meaning they can be washed with very gentle soap and do not need a visit to the dry cleaners.

An alpaca blanket, if it’s properly taken care of can become a most treasured family heirloom. A lot of times the alpaca fiber will be blended with other natural or man-made fibers like silk, acrylic or wool. Of course if you want 100% pure alpaca blankets, you’ll be easily able to find them but they are a bit more expensive as you might expect.

You’ll find them available in traditional blanket and throw sizes, and in loads of different colors and designs. If you like plaids you’ll be happy to know they’re available in many different color schemes including purple, gray, green, red — even burgundy among others.

You’ll find beautiful solids in white/natural, green, black, camel, beige, bright red and other shades sure to please you.