Bedding Allergy Information

If you have allergies, you probably already know how certain types of bedding can really make you miserable! We are adding plenty of interesting and informative articles about allergies and how to get a handle on them that I know you’ll love. All professionally written.

Allergies are defined as the body’s abnormal reaction to an allergen introduced through inhalation, ingestion, injection, skin contact, whether intentional or incidental, which results in manifestation of allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, runny nose, wheezing, rash, diarrhea, or even a life-threatening reaction such as anaphylactic shock.

Let’s talk about more specifically about bedroom related allergies, since we’re all about creating awesome bedrooms and all:

This certainly sounds complicated, but it really isn’t.

An allergic response results when a person comes in contact with a substance which causes their body to produce an adverse reaction. Generally, allergies cause the body to produce a substance called histamines as a means to telling the body that something is wrong. From this, you can easily see why many allergy relief medications are called antihistamines.

Allergies are so prevalent that a multi-billion dollar industry in allergy treatments and remedies is conducted each year. More billions are spent each year in medical allergy research seeking cures for these annoying and sometimes deadly allergies.

Some common allergies occur in and around the household, and bedrooms with bedding, linens, carpeting, and draperies can result in much suffering on the part of people with allergies to dust, dust mites, and other allergens common to this room of the home.

A person can often relieve allergies and asthma triggered by bedroom-related allergens through simple choices and methods.

Let’s look at dust allergies.

Dust can accumulate underneath raised bed frames, on heavy draperies or blinds, on seldom-used upholstery, and this dust, when disturbed, can trigger an allergy attack. Frequent cleaning all bedroom surfaces and under furniture can help a great deal.

Using floor treatments which can not collect dust, such as tile complimented with washable throw rugs or frequent vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum of any carpeted areas can make a real difference as well.

Use window treatments that are easy to clean will reduce dust. If you happen to live in a secluded, unlighted area, even no window treatment, may be another way to cut down on bedroom dust.

While everyone wants tasteful decorations in their bedroom, try to limit the collection of knickknacks to a number easy to clean thoroughly every week. Keep pets out of bedrooms and off bedding if pet dander is an allergen for you.

Making the right choices in bedding can make the difference between sleepless, stuffy night and miserable mornings or restful sleep. Dust mites are a common allergy and these creatures live in every mattress, no matter how expensive it may be.

Mattresses can be cleaned using a HEPA filter vacuum when a thorough cleaning is needed. Investment in a good quality dust mite proof mattress cover is money well spent also.

Pillows should be encased in dust mite proof pillow covers which unzip and can be laundered often. These pillow covers encase the pillow and are inserted with the pillow into a pillow case or sham. Airing pillows regularly can also benefit the allergy sufferer.

Invest in a top quality pillow such as Primaloft or Therapedic foam.

Cheap foam pillows emit gasses, called out-gassing, which can irritate breathing passages, causing allergy and asthma attacks.

The better quality, allergy preventative pillow will also provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. Allergy health is not any area to try to scrimp when only a few dollars more will provide allergy relief.

Bed linen choices matter very much as well.

Allergy sufferers should choose 100% cotton bed linens or other 100% natural fiber bedding.

Bedding should be changed and laundered per label directions frequently. Some people with severe allergies find that changing bed linens every other day works well.

Blankets for allergy sufferers should be manufactured of quality 100% natural material.

Wool is a great fabric for blankets and you can find wool and wool blends in warmth factors that are right for any climate or season, no matter where you live. Comforters, bedspreads, or duvets should be natural fiber as well.

Choose comforters and padded bed spreads that have both the filling fiber and outer material made of natural material. Choose bedding that is easy to launder frequently.

While changing and laundering bedding is important for allergy sufferers, it is wise to avoid washing huge, thick, heavy comforters in standard home laundry equipment. The weight of a large, king size comforter, when wet, can quickly destroy a regular capacity washing machine. Take the time to either send these heavy items out for laundering or take them to a commercial washing machine capable of handling the heavy load. Your home laundry equipment repair budget and your allergies will thank you.

While allergy research continues to seek a permanent, simple, affordable cure for every type of allergy, with proper diagnosis and management, most allergy sufferers can lead full happy lives.

Simple techniques that prevent contact with allergens such as bedding choices, household furnishing choices, and avoiding situations where other allergens are contacted can provide easy management for most types of allergies.

The addition of over the counter or prescription medication provides the assistance needed for cases where other types of management does not relieve allergy symptoms sufficiently.

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Avoid dusty nights when sleeping on your micro fibre double mattress with poly-cotton blended sheets.