Acid Reflux Pillows to sleep peacefully

Acid reflux pillows help people who suffer from this painful disorder be able to sleep comfortably and awaken without painful burning in their chest- or worse. I’ve been rudely awakened¬†in the middle of the night just as a bunch of bile was making its way right up into my mouth! Talk about disgusting and scary too.

The problem with acid reflux is that stomach acid is able to escape into the esophagus when the valve controlling the stomach opening does not work properly any longer. This can be the result of age, poor health, lack of muscle condition, or even eating too close to bed time.

Only a medical doctor can really determine if you have acid reflux, or GERD. However, if your doctor has determined that your repeated burning in the chest and stomach is caused by acid reflux, you will definitely want to know about acid reflux pillows which can help your disorder and help you sleep with more peace of mind and comfort.

An acid reflux pillow is a simple, low angle wedge of foam especially designs to hold the upper body up just enough to allow gravity to hold stomach acid in place. These pillows for acid reflux disorder are not the wedge “lounge” pillows that you may have at home. Those wedges will hold your upper body much too high and possibly prevent sound sleep. The low angle wedge of a pillow designed specifically for acid reflux patients will allow you to sleep soundly without being in an upright, uncomfortable position.

Another difference between standard lounge wedges and the pillow designed for acid reflux is that the wedge lifts the body from near the hip rather than just holding up the shoulders. The long, slim wedge shape of a pillow used for acid reflux control can make your life so much better and the prices are very affordable!

You can usually fit your reflux pillow into a standard king size pillow case. Some come with custom covers; others are simply the foam shape needed. Any seamstress can easily make a custom pillow case for your acid reflux control pillow.

Just think how much more affordable having an acid reflux control pillow will be than painful surgical options!