Accent pillows: an easy and fun way to accent any room

Accent pillows add a touch to home decor incomparable with other accents. Not only do these pillows provide comfort, but a touch of hominess.

Any home’s decor can be accented by using these wonderful little pillows. Your home’s particular decor will determine the type of accent pillow that would work best.

For a country or casual decor, you will want to shop for accents that reflect that theme. How about denim or gingham..?

If you want to accent your formal living room, you will want to shop for pillows that are elegant and created from rich fabrics. How about brocade, linen, silk or velvet..?

For those on a budget, using pillows for accent may seem to be an expense that can be avoided. This does not have to be the case. You can create perfect pillows to accentuate your decor very frugally- if you can do some simple sewing.

Here are some tips to get you started: Purchase materials from the sales counter at your local fabric store and purchase pre-made forms for the pillows. Simply measure your pillow fabric, adding an inch for seams, and cut your fabric to your measurements. Sew wrong side together, on three sides. Turn, press and place your pillow inside. Blind stitch the opening securely closed and you have a beautiful accent of your own making!

For more complex accent throw pillows, find patterns in craft books, online, or at your local craft or retail stores.

Quilt top pillows are simple to make and can use scraps from old clothes as materials. Many people love to stuff accent throw pillows with old panty hose rather than use the pre-made pillows. This stuffing is soft, durable, and machine washable!

Just save all your old hose and begin creating accent throw pillows. Another way to make decorative pillows that will be treasured for years is to cross-stitch or needlepoint the pillow top. Kits for these crafts are affordable, or you can find charts online and simply buy materials.

Once you have completed an accent throw pillow, you will find yourself a proud, owner of a piece of gorgeous artwork!

Pillows make great gifts for young couples or for anniversaries. Accent the couple’s home with a touch that you have created and they will treasure the gift for years to come. You can even locate a kit that allows you to place the names and date as accent to the main design!

If you have a formal living area and want to accent the sofa, you can, of course, shop for already made pillows.

There is such a wide choice of colors, patterns and prints that any room can benefit from the accent of a selection of pillows.

Pillows range in price from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on what you want as a fabric choice and how much you want to spend. You’ll find lovely accent choices online. Pillows in every size, shape and fabric are available in online and prices are very competitive. Choose from top quality pillows which fit your accent needs perfectly.

Since online stores have so little overhead, often the prices are much less than shopping locally. Whether you choose to create your own or purchase ready made accent throw pillows, have fun with them! The touches they add to the feel of a room are both fun and affordable! It’s so easy to change the whole room by simply changing the accents.