5 Reasons to Organize Your Home Today

Home organization isn’t just for neat-nicks or those drawn toward organized living. Even if you don’t fall into those two stereotypes, you should consider learning and implementing some home organizing techniques. Why bother? Here are five good reasons to organize your home:

PEACE OF MIND – When you have a closet packed full of miscellaneous items, don’t you sometimes think ‘I’ve got to put that on my to-do housekeeping list’? Or you think ‘I’ve got to go through that closet to find those missing papers, shoes, whatever.’

And then when you don’t do it, you get a nasty reminder every time you open that closet door. Now multiply that scenario and thought pattern by the number of other areas in your home that give you that same feeling. When it’s visible, clutter weighs on your mind because you can’t forget about it. It’s there every time you open the closet door! So getting organized once and for all could decrease your stress levels by putting your mind more at ease.

MORE TIME – Home organization means less time spent searching for things. You can find what you want now, not in 15 minutes, an hour or perhaps never. Being able to find your ski jacket instantly means 15 more minutes of skiing time. That sure sounds like a lot more fun than spending those 15 minutes searching through your closet for a warm jacket.

ANSWER FEWER QUESTIONS – Where are my shoes? Where is my purse or wallet? Have you seen my keys? Where’s my backpack? I’m late! Have you seen my brown sweater? If all family members know the home organization system, then they know where to find their stuff without asking you. But even if they don’t, at least you can answer their questions quicker and without stopping what you’re doing to help them search.

SAVE MONEY – How many spatulas and wooden spoons do you have in your kitchen? What about screw drivers or other hand tools? Do you have duplicate items because you forgot you already had one? Ever bought the same book or magazine twice because the ones you had weren’t visible in that huge pile? Home organization means fewer purchases of duplicate items by everyone in the household. You won’t come home with another something you already have because you forgot where you put the first one. And neither will your spouse because he didn’t know your family had one in the first place.

IT’LL LOOK GREAT – A good home organization system implemented with some surface cleaning (for example, dusting and vacuuming the common areas) often gives guests a great first impression of your home. They see the exterior of the shell, a view that says ‘neat and clean’—even if a true ‘finger test’ in an obscure location would spill some dirty secrets (like dust). If you enjoy entertaining in your home, then this is probably the best reason to organize your home. In fact, throwing a party can be both your incentive and your reward to start organizing your home today.