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* Add a custom marker (when we Host or Manage your site) to the local map for $250

Total Value is $2,325 – If you purchase this site before the end of this month you can have it all for just $1950!

Tired of wasting money on phone books??? I know I was. I bought a company in 2007 that was committed to $5,000 a month for one year of phone book advertising. I diligently tracked my calls from the phone book and you know how many I got? In my best month, I had 10 phone calls – which came out to $500 a lead…very depressing and expensive! Because of this experience, I created an easy way for you to get online with your own website and show up in the Google search results. Get ahead of your competition and go online before they do!

Purchase This Site – Our Step by Step Process

I Don’t Know the First Thing About Computers and the Internet – How Can I Buy This?

You don’t need any familiarity with Google, computers, the internet, etc. All you need to have is access to an email account and a phone and we will walk you through the process. If you want us to manage your site, send us your text for the first page and up to 4 additional pages. Each page will have the same header, left navigation and footer. You supply the body text or images (up to 2 total – both go in the header) for each page. We charge $40 a month to host your site at on our dedicated servers and this allows you to make updates twice a month to your text. Add additional web pages (in the same format) for $25/page.

If you want to own and manage everything, read through step #2.

Email us with any questions!

If I Buy This Site, How Do I Own It? What Do I Do?

Here are the steps for taking ownership of the website, domain and email address:

* Setup a Godaddy.com account for Free and while you’re at it…

* Signup for an account at GoDaddy

* We will push the domain name (for free) into your account so that when you login you see it under the “Domains” view

* If you give us the login name and password – we can push the files out to your hosted account

* If you don’t want us in your account – we can email or FTP you the necessary files so you can upload them yourself

* Ask Godaddy.com for a free email address (they are often included with hosting packages or domain purchases)

* That’s It! Enjoy your new site and all the business you get from your piece of online real estate

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