The Bedding That Makes Your Home Your Sanctuary

What makes one sort of bed linen better than another…? What differences exist between a down and synthetic comforter? You’ll find articles and information about Egyptian cotton, regular cotton, sateen, silk, satin, Supima, linen and yes even your polyester blends right here. What makes each different from the other and what sorts of prints, colors and patterns are available for them. Is it only the thread count that matters?

Bed linens are a wonderful luxury so learn and have fun as you consider your new sheets, pillows and blankets!  If you add a pair of nice curtains or if you get roman shades at The Shade Store that match your beddings, you’d give a touch of professional design to your bedroom decor.

Is your pillow becoming a pain in the neck and it’s time to make the leap to get a new one- no prob. You’ll find articles about all sorts of sleeping pillows including the conventional luxurious feather and down varieties, the futuristic memory foam Tempur Pedic types. The traditional as well as new buckwheat hull pillows, wool and even cotton pillows for you purists out there, and info about alternative down spun polyester fiber pillows for a hypoallergenic sleeping experience. We don’t just tell you about the different kinds of pillows but help you in learning about the way to actually select the proper type of pillow you need which helps you feel comfortable knowing your pillow will allow you to get the best night of sleep possible.

Learn about pillows and pillow covers with some help from our expert ideas!

Want to know what goes into making the best comforters and what to look for when shopping for them…? Aren’t all of them the same…? What makes a quality comforter worth a bit more of the investment than a less expensive version…? Did you know that comforters might be filled not just with feather and down and polyester, but also wool and cotton and occasionally even silk…? Find out all about that comforters and what to understand before you buy them here. A comforter turns an ordinary cold night into a relaxing warm night of sleep when the weight and size are just right with your sleeping and bedding habits.

Who makes some of the best Comforters- find out my choices here!

Are you a new parent looking to outfit your babies nursery, or just need more bedding for your baby…? Here you’ll find important info on picking safe comfy and snug infant bedding that you’ll be proud to have in your house. We will cover what the different sets include, what fabrics are used, and other important tips about how to put together a wonderfully attractive, and most importantly, a safe nursery for your beautiful little baby.

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Need extra blankets…? We go into detail about all of the different styles and types of blankets soft as a dream and are a long time popular fave of babies, children and adults all around the world. We’ll tell you about non-itchy wool blankets, Pendleton blankets, and even exotic varieties like alpaca and Marino. Afterall, the type of blanket you use is important too. We even talk about the ever popular snuggie and slanket blankets for your enjoyment.

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Need fresh new kids bedding – then come on in. We have loads of different articles about kids bedding and themes, who they are made by – if they are good quality, are they worth the money and tips about how you can turn any child’s bedroom into a creative and fun place to play sleep and dream with info on tons of optional items and accessories.

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Need tips on bedroom decor? Check back now and then as we fill up this section with some helpful videos and articles to help you create a beautiful bedroom.
I’ve also added some good info and tips about the everyday problems folks have with getting to sleep and possible solutions with professionally written articles that I’ve gathered from across the web. Hopefully you will find them helpful for a better night’s rest on all of those wonderful bed linens you have now!

Also find some good articles here about allergies- particularly the ones caused in the everyday bedroom today and what you can do to lessen your symptoms- or your children’s symptoms.

And lastly there is a new section on mattresses and beds you might find helpful. Following is information about the types of beds, what makes them different and why people like and trust them to give the best night’s sleep possible. No matter if you love the more traditional mattress or the newest memory foam sleep technology to help you get through the night, You’ll find some helpful information here.

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Find unique information about all of your bedding needs for the home. Tips and advice on baby bedding and reviews of some of the cute collections that I like. I cover just about any brand name baby and infant bedding so you can create a nursery that is stylish and safe and fun too. I include kids bedding reviews of all sorts just for you and your children from dolphin bedding, Star Wars bedding, surf bedding and more. There’s also plenty of blanket information so your family stays toasty warm at night. Buying information about comforters- all the different types from feather and down to wool and cotton are right here. Pillow reviews for feather and down, foam, Tempurpedic, buckwheat, squish pillows- any type of bed pillow you can think of. How about in depth information about bed linens. My favorites to write about are sateen, satin, Egyptian cotton, and Supima sheets. Learn all about them here. I also have an extensive collection of professional articles that cover closely related information on beds and mattresses, along with tips on allergies in the bedroom and advice on getting better sleep. Need to know how to get a fresh new look in that bedroom without throwing it all out and starting over..? Then get advice and tips about redecorating your bedroom or your kids room with my new section. Also read about what’s going on in the world of textile companies, their new lines and trends and how that may affect your bedding shopping decisions. We really appreciate you stopping by.